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IRCC no longer accepting ready to travel webforms from expired COPR holders

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Canada is a place where people love to live and make a career. However, things were different from March 2020 as Canada imposed restrictions for travel to Canada. In order to protect the Canadians from the outbreak of the coronavirus, the Prime Minister of Canada announced travel restrictions to limit travel to Canada.

The travel restrictions are still in place in 2021. The Prime Minister recently announced travel restrictions until further notice. However, most foreign nationals are unable to travel to Canada. They can’t travel even if they have a valid visitor or electronic travel authorization (eTA).

IRCC No Longer Accepting Webforms

The government of Canada issued a media release on January 5. However, according to this media release, the government has advised expired Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) holders not to contact the immigration department.

According to the new program delivery update of IRCC, candidates having expired COPR and ready to travel to Canada should no longer need to contact the department via webform. However, they should contact the department through processing office email.

IRCC further says that the department will contact the candidates once they get approval for coming to Canada.

Moreover, IRCC requested the candidates to have expired COPR to make use of the webform to notify the department once they were ready to land in Canada. The department made this announcement in July 2020.

Applicants get COPRs once they get approval for Canadian Permanent Residency. Usually, the candidates who get approval for PR just need to arrive in Canada to complete the landing process.

Moreover, COVID-19 caused chaos in the plans of many people. The spread of coronavirus affected the plans of people who were planning to travel to Canada. However, the borders of Canada were still open for the people having COPRs approved before March 18.

However, many of the people were still unable to travel because of reduced flights or several factors. Some people were unable to travel due to travel restrictions by Canada. Moreover, people were also not able to travel due to restrictions in their home countries.

Expired COPR Holders

COPRs of many people expired during this time. However, they were not able to come to Canada due to their expired COPR. Even before the pandemic, this rule has been in place that a candidate with expired documents can’t enter Canada.

However, to provide a suitable solution for such candidates, IRCC introduced a new webform process in July. This webform was helpful for candidates with expired COPR to request an authorization letter for coming to Canada. After getting the official letter, candidates can board a plane.

The government introduced the ready to travel webform process back in the summer. However, IRCC did not send an authorization letter until September. Assistant deputy minister of IRCC, Daniel Mills, suggested that there were around 10,000 cases of expired COPR holders. He told that while speaking at a federal immigration committee meeting in the fall.

However, IRCC contacted around 6,000 candidates and issued 500 authorization letter in November.

Moreover, many candidates claimed that they completed the webforms multiple times. The candidates said that they were ready to travel. However, candidates who didn’t receive the letter get generic responses saying their files were in processing.

IRCC didn’t provide them with any timeline on when they would get the authorization letter. However, many expired COPR holders were stuck in limbo, and they were unable to make any plans in their home country to traveling to Canada.

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