The dream to move ahead in life for a better tomorrow is what human nature keeps on chasing. This very element of ‘continued growth’ inspires man to look beyond while exploring and employing all available and within reach resources and it is from where he gets the courage to enter into newly explored world of ideas. Migration from one familiar place to an entirely new one is one part of this exciting journey of ‘progress’ and ‘better tomorrow’.

Having said this, let’s us help you getting started with how to migrate to Canada from Dubai or India while guiding about various visa types for you to choose from. Holding the privilege of being one of the Best Canada Immigration agency in Dubai, we are committed to serve you throughout this daunting process i.e., planning to migrating Canada. With an experienced team of Canada Immigration Consultants and well defined protocols, you can stay assured of hassle free entry into your dream land without undergoing hectic rounds of this or that mandatory procedure. With already developed professional channels within the relevant ministries and government departments, our Immigration Agents are there for you to take away all your burden associated with your migration.

Splitting the entire migration procedure in simple steps, we prove ourselves being the Best Immigration Services in Dubai equally for Emirati citizens and expats. Since UAE is believed to be the fifth most popular country to reside for aspiring express entry candidates, therefore, to make their dream come true with ease, we extend our helping hand to seek Express Entry Visa Canada.  With an ever increasing trend, every year thousands of UAE residents (both locals and expats) as well as Indian citizens apply for their Canadian Immigration with multiple reasons backing up regardless of exclusive living conditions they are enjoying. A few attractive reasons include citizenship, educational and healthcare facilities, brilliant job opportunities and exuberant living style while being surrounded by enriched natural beauty.

Another reason that inspiringly answers UAE and Indian residents why and how to migrate to Canada from Dubai or India is Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan 2020-2022. Aiming to welcome one million plus skilled workforce in Canada by the end of 2022, this amazing plan is proving as an inspiring force for yearning immigrants. Though the Covid-19 flair has impacted its pace and slowed down the plan, yet it is to keep going as Canada is still actively accepting and processing skilled workers’ applications to fulfill its requirements in the coming years. With English being the first language in Canada, this skilled force migration plan gives UAE residents an edge over applicants from other countries for being far more proficient in English language usage. In this similar context, to avail the brilliant opportunity, we, as a renowned Legal Genuine Immigration agency in Dubai, are also aggressively participating to get migration done for maximum number of skilled workers from UAE. We would love to make your dreams to Canadian Immigration coming true by getting you through Canadian Express Visa Requirements.

As a Legal Genuine Immigration agency in Dubai that aims to make your route to Canada as immigrant a pleasant experience, we offer varied options keeping in view your requirements and eligibility considerations. We offer immigration facilitation via Express Entry Visa, Canada Province Nomination Program, Canada Family Visa, Canada Self-Employed Immigrant Visa, Canada Start-Up Visa, Canada Study Visa and last but not the least Canadian Investor Visa.

As an aspiring Express Entry Visa Canada candidate, you may opt from any of the three available routes i.e., the Foreign Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), the Foreign Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) and the Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Once you are proved eligible under any of these categories, you are all set to go while applying for immigration seeking expertise of our Best Immigration consultants in Dubai. Never been or lived in Canada before? Don’t get upset; here you go with FSWP which is designed to make your route to Canada as an immigrant as easy as possible and viable. Not only, are we here to create your Express Entry Profile on your behalf but also to get you through the entire filing process including foreign educational credentials assessment as well as guiding through language (English/ French) proficiency test. Based upon your credentials and profile, once you are provided with your Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, we are there to fast, forward the process for you. Remember, higher the CRS score, greater the chances to receive invitation from Canadian government’s Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) department to apply for immigration and permanent residence. Once you comply with Canadian Express Visa Requirements and being invited, you are open to explore your new world of opportunities.

With Canada Province Nomination Program (PNP), your chances to get this invitation improve further as upon being chosen to fill any vacancies within particular province and/or territory, you can get nominated for permanent residency. However, this only works if you avail the job offer exclusive to that province/territory.  So, while applying for PNP, don’t rush but thoughtfully mark your list of preferred provinces/ territories while increasing your eligibility chances for their PNP.

Under Canadian Family Sponsorship Program, doors to Canada Family Visa are open for you provided that you qualify the criteria; your family, adult child and/ or grand child is already permanently residing in Canada and expresses the interest to be you sponsor to IRCC. Since IRCC invites only limited people to sponsor their family members each year within a pre-defined time period, so the first step will be acceptance and approval of your sponsor with your eligibility assessment being the next step. You must take note that as your sponsor, your financial responsibility will rest with that relative, until you get yourself settled in Canada.  Since each year, sponsorship applications by IRCC are sought within specific time period so in case of missing the deadline, you will be required to wait till the same gets announced for the next year. Once your family sponsorship gets approved and we are opted as your consultants for Canada Family Visa, complying with all the procedural requirements remain our part of the job with nothing to worry about for you.

A student from UAE and/ or India and worried about future higher education goals? Canada can be your next stop for world-class education while exploring endless practical learning opportunities. And, once you are done with selecting your study school in Canada, let us take charge of the rest i.e., getting you qualify through Canadian Student Visa and Canada Study Permit prerequisites.  As acclaimed Canada Student Visa Consultants in Dubai, we have built strong professional linkages with top notch educational institutions in Canada. Since without bearing Canada Study Permit issued by Canadian government, no student can avail this privileged study facility, so to help you filling and filing successfully your IMM 1294 application for restricted study permit for your chosen university in Canada, we are there for you. Not only this, even during your study tenure, if you plan to seek extension in your stay, we can help. Having said this, we know how to make your Canadian Student Visa procedure seamless and less time consuming.

Either yearning to start up and set up your business or a self-employed looking forward to explore endless available business opportunities in a new geographical location out of Arabian Peninsula? Canada invites you to explore its length and breadth for a taking your new flight to an entirely new business world. Let us partner with you in this new journey as your reliable Immigration Agents while creating for you ease at every single step of Canada Start-Up Visa and/or Canada Self-Employed Immigrant Visa. Aimed at providing you thorough consultancy for Canada Start-Up Visa, we have experience Canada Immigration Consultants on board with us. While helping you fulfill mandatory start-up visa requirements, they can also assist you in strengthening connections with your designated organization in Canada for Letter of Support. Alongside, they are there to counsel and guide you in developing complete understanding of your needs as an entrepreneur in Canada. Canada Self-Employed Immigrant Visa demands are different in comparison to those for start-ups. As a self-employed, you need to prove your eligibility based upon relevant experience, selection criteria and meeting medical and/or security check requirements. Being a welcoming home to immigrants, Canadian economy believes thriving upon the achievements of its people.  Under Federal Self-Employed Persons Program, you can register your interest via our Best Immigration Services in Dubai. With processing time of 23 months, unlike Express Entry Visa Canada, Federal Self-Employed Persons Program has neither any ranking system to fast, forward your application nor any competitive selection for candidates yet provincial level programs have their separate selection system. In any of the two cases, we are here to let you qualify all visa related procedural requirements.

 Currently being paused till April next year, Quebec Immigration & Investor Visa Program is one of its own kind investment program within Canada. If you are deciding to choose Quebec province as your next investment designation, we can surely assist you in getting through all Canadian Investor Visa Requirements for the same being your preferred Canada Immigration Consultants.

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