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Skilled Labour Shortage in Canada


Canada’s gross domestic product {GDP} shrank 38.7% in the second quarter of 2020. With all the pandemic scenarios in the whole world, the country still manages to have a high recovery rate. To hike up the employment rate new jobs are added this year. Therefore, international skilled workers have their golden chance to work and live in the country.

Best immigration consultants in Dubai ‘Migrate Now DMCC’ have made this dream a reality for many and will always be providing their best for the people associated with them. Developing countries like Dubai and India have shown tremendous efforts to emigrate and settle people outside the country. Among many skilled jobs some of them include electricians, welders, mechanics {which are ranked first} and others like IT, engineering, sales, healthcare and education. Not only these many opportunities but the workers/employer are willing to train and recruit skilled foreign workers.

Golden Opportunity for International Immigrants who are Seeking PR

Canada Express Entry Program was introduced in 2015 by the Canadian government. The Express Entry Visa Canada allows people to become a permanent resident of Canada with just one year of skilled work experience. With access to permanent residency, people will get access to most of the social benefits enjoyed by other citizens. It is a great opportunity for those candidates who want to live and work in Canada.

Anyone below the age of forty-five years, a graduate in a three-year course, having proficiency in the English language can apply for this Canadian Express Entry Program. This program not only provides legal permission to live and work in Canada but also has additional benefits like-

  • Free world-class health coverage,
  • Free education for children up to eighteen years,
  • Sponsorship to their relatives and protection under Canadian law
  • Canadian charter of rights and freedom.

It was in May that Canada was reported to be creating a total of one million jobs since 2015. Although the number of jobs increases every year, Canadian employers still have a high demand for workers with professional skills and expertise. Candidates are rewarded for high levels of education, language proficiency in English or French and work experience.

After knowing all the benefits of EXPRESS ENTRY VISA CANADA, why wouldn’t you apply for it?

Those who are new to this can be guided by the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai. The perks of associating with one of our immigration agents include-

  1. An individual approach to each candidate
  2. Service quality assurance
  3. Problem-free payment method
  4. Highest visa approval rates.

Not only this, many of our Legal Genuine Immigration Agency in Dubai help you obtain second citizenship by investing in the economy of the country. Also, students willing to obtain higher education in the country are helped throughout the process by our expert Canada Immigration Consultants. You can apply for online consultations as well. To make the process easy and more reliable it is divided into three steps which include-

  1. Consultation with the respective authorities
  2. Evaluation of documents
  3. Visa documentation

Those who are sent an invitation to apply {ITA} for PR programs will get the best provinces in Canada during the high recruitment period. 

Great Working and Living Opportunities for International Candidates

According to a survey from Business Development Bank of Canada {BDC} over 39% of Canadian small and mid-sized businesses cannot meet their demand for highly qualified workers. To meet the deficit caused due to imbalance between the work quality and the number of qualified quacks many of the well-known companies have raised their education and work experience requirements. Out of which 56% of employers are willing to go beyond the traditional talent pool. And this is when the Express Entry Visa Canada and the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai come into action, allowing and providing people great chances to live a life they once imagined.

With the help provided by the Canada Immigration Consultants, you can get access to Canadian Express Entry Program. If you are willing to get a new life with an experience of your choice then our Legal Genuine Immigration agency in Dubai gives you the best opportunity and benefits which most spend their life getting access to. The dreams are yours but the world will help them come true, the only thing you need to do is approach it.

So are you interested in starting your career in Canada? Complete a free online assessment at our website and one of our immigration agents will contact you with the best immigration solution.

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