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Thinking about Relocating To Canada From The US? Look Out For What Might Suit You The Best!


What could be your life in Canada? Well, to find out which place might be convenient for you to relocate could be a little backbreaking considering the amount of research it demands. So, our Canada Immigration Consultants have made it a bit easy for you.

However, Canada is a big country with a landmass of around 9 million square km which has 10 provinces and 3 territories. Moving to Canada could be a very wise decision if it’s been thought through and well planned. The quality of life it delivers and its influence of refined culture and economy are definitely the aftermaths of excellent employment rate and overall sustainability. With the approval of Express Entry Visa Canada, one can effortlessly immigrate to Canada for both academic or employment purposes.

We have laid out details of certain places in Canada to give you an outline of what to expect and then plan the relocation accordingly and effectively. It’s very important to be informed and prepared while thinking about attaining a permanent residence in a new place, in this case, a new country. Have a look at the locations of our choice-


Alberta is a province surrounded by The Canadian Rocky Mountains with beautiful landscapes and grasslands. There are so many reasons to choose Alberta as your new home. People all over the world choose Alberta to go and seek for employment because its economy is the strongest of all the provinces of Canada. Again, it’s considered as an ideal place to not only work but also live. Our Canada Immigration Consultants believes that this place provides a lot of opportunities to people along with well-defined health care systems and a wholesome environment. Again, there are a lot of good educational institutions for pre and post-secondary education.

The residents of Alberta are highly welcoming which makes it even easier to call it a potential home. You can easily rent a home through rental agreement or lease or buy a home through realtor however there are several other options to look at in case of low income or emergency housing options. Through the Canada Province Nomination Program, international candidates can easily get their PR in this place on the basis of their professional qualification.

British Columbia

British Columbia is covered by beaches on one side and the mountains on the other. Such exquisite scenarios make it suitable for attracting tourists. If you are an arts and culture enthusiast, BC is the place for you for Canada relocation. It’s a lively location with so many opportunities to offer. From being an Olympic hotspot and its renowned film industry, British Columbia is a very lavish place to live in. If you are looking for the arrangement of a Canada Family Visa, contact our reliable Immigration agents right away!


What makes Manitoba stand out of the list is its lowest unemployment rate among all. This extraordinary feature makes it an attractive destination for those looking for jobs. The major sectors of Canadian Provinces have helped Manitoba bloom economically. The prominent economical industries are- forestry, mining and oil. It’s pretty easy to guess the outstretch of forest land, parks and biodiversity locations which makes it complete overall. So if you are relocating to Canada especially for job purpose, you must consider checking its PNP-Provincial Nomination Program.


Let us talk about the largest city in Canada, Ontario. This excellent place is located at the heart of the country and surrounded by major rivers and lakes. You might not find any mountainous regions out there but however, you will be in awe with the abundance of large areas of uplands. Mining and forest industries prevail in the region because of the abundance of natural resources and convenient forest out-stretch. And oh! by the way, you definitely can’t miss out on the Niagara Falls. This place exclusively features the beauty of nature. Our Canada Immigration Consultants believes that this place is the goldmine for international freshers who belong to IT sectors.


Quebec is the French Province in Canada and the only one yet, a very affordable lifestyle for those who are a fan of minimalism and looking out to settle in peace. This also has an economic advantage. Newcomers can definitely put this on the top of their preference order. However, getting qualified for this location is a bit more complex than other provinces in Canada. Contact our Canadian Immigration Consultants to know more about the  Province Nomination Program of this place. 


Did you know Saskatchewan was once called the “breadbasket of the world”? And as the name suggests, certainly agriculture was the most prevailed occupation then and well, it still is. Saskatchewan ranks sixth in the largest onshore producer list in Canada and US which tells a lot about the types of employment one can choose from and well if you are looking up to own a farm and do your own digging, you know a place now. Getting qualified for the Province Nomination Program to relocate in this place can be effortless if you consider taking help from our immigration agents.

So, there is no denying the fact that Canada has so much to offer and choose from. It’s like a big beautiful rainbow with the existence of various defined cultures, jaw-dropping landscapes, a vast number of lakes, balmy weather and beautiful environment to live in. No wonder why it’s always been the most chosen options for international immigration. However, there are some points to consider while you make your immigration journey to this place-

Province Nomination Program

It’s interesting to note that there are more than 80 programs which can avail you your permanent residency in Canada. The most popular one is-

Express Entry Visa Canada. This program is exclusivelyfor skilled workers, healthcare professionals, international graduate and international postgraduate. The requirement of this program are-

  • You must meet a certain minimum income requirement.
  • Have certain required work experience in your field to apply for a visa.
  • You need to score certain points in your registration process to go further by providing original and authentic documents regarding the immigration and the eligibility.
  • Canada Family Visa: for citizens of Canada or those who have permanent residents who can easily sponsor their spouse, children (including the adopted ones), or other family members for becoming the permanent citizen of Canada. The eligibility criteria of Canada Family Visa
  • You must meet a certain age limit. You can’t be below 16 years of age.
  • Your relationship with the permanent citizen is valid.
  • Your sponsor must meet certain income requirements.
Canada Immigration Consultants-

Choosing a pathway to start your application for immigration is very important, for example, Migrate Now can make your tasks way easier. Our consultancy agency because is a popular and reliable path to choose from. Our Canada Immigration Consultants will provide you with in-depth details of your eligibility along with proper guidance through the entire application process. Beware of immigration frauds, choose an authentic and verified consultant to represent and guide you.


Once you choose your desired place and are done with the registration process for a visa, it’s an easy pathway. Here are some other facts which might make the relocation a bit more attractive

  • Canada has an effective Public Healthcare System irrespective of your income level and age
  • Canadians don’t resent immigration; you will be welcomed there.
  • Availability of cheaper study options to choose from.
  • Better parental benefits and maternity leave options.

So, without a delay, complete an online free assessment at our website and one of our immigration agents will contact you soon to discuss the further requirement of your immigration journey!

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