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Quebec Experience Program applications can now be submitted online

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The government of Quebec has introduced a new system for the submission of Quebec Experience Program applications. However, applications for Quebec Experience Program can be submitted by January 12 through the Arrima platform.

Therefore, PEQ applicants can submit their applications online through this platform. You can pay fees for the application and download the documents by using this platform. However, Quebec’s government previously informed the applicants that paper-based submissions might be used until January 25, 2021.

However, after this date, it will be necessary for the applicants to submit their applications through the online process. The Quebec Ministry of Immigration will no longer process paper applications.

However, this is not the only program that will undergo online processing.

Moreover, applicants who want to submit applications for Quebec Foreign Student Program can now submit their applications through this platform. However, these applications will also subject to the same mandatory online submission process as of January 26, 2021.

MIFI has also indicated that the submission of required documents under three new permanent immigration pilot projects will be online.

However, the province will introduce three new permanent immigration pilot programs in the coming weeks. These pilots will be for the workers in the computer, health, and food processing sectors.

What is Arrima?

It is an online platform that works under MIFI. Initially, Quebec introduced Arrima for the collection of expressions of interests from foreign nationals. However, candidates who want to immigrate to Quebec under Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) can use Arrima.

According to the foreign national information provided by the Arrima portal, MIFI can assess the submitted profiles. MIFI can assess the applications on the following factors like language skills, education, and work experience. However, eligible candidates can apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate.

The government launched this platform in 2019 to accelerate the processing of immigration applications. However, this platform was helpful to align immigration with labor market needs better.

Before this change, the immigration system of Quebec was on a first-come, first-serve basis. However, there was a delay of up to 36 months to get a CSQ.

Moreover, the province of Quebec has expanded this platform within the last two years. It also includes other programs and added new functionalities.

The Arrima portal is now not only available for Quebec Experience Program and QSWP applicants, but it is also available for foreigners who are seeking to settle in Quebec temporarily or permanently through the International Student Program and the PEQ.

Immigration Levels in Quebec

Quebec is expecting to welcome up to 47,500 newcomers in 2021. However, the new targets of the province will be higher than they were for 2020. The province is expected to welcome up to 44,500 newcomers in 2020. However, Quebec was unable to meet this target.

Moreover, the francophone province plans to compensate for the shortfall of between 13,000 and 18,000 immigrants for 2020. However, the shortfall happened due to the coronavirus pandemic on immigration levels to the province.

Most immigrants that Quebec is looking to welcome in 2020 will come to the province via economic immigration programs.

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