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The province of Ontario is popular as tolerant, inclusive, and connected. Ontario is a top choice for thousands of newcomers who come to Canada under the Provincial Nominee Program every year. This province is one of the most multicultural provinces in Canada.

Ontario shares borders with the U.S. to the south and having Quebec on the east. Ontario is located in an ideal position for easy traveling. This province offers the most significant metropolitan cities in Canada, like Ottawa and Toronto. Ottawa is the capital of Canada where PM Justin Trudeau lives.

If you prefer to live in smaller, tight-knit cities away from the city’s hustle-and-bustle, Cornwall, Chatham-Kent, and Belleville are ideal for you. They are located in the northern regions of Ontario.

Ontario Accepting Applications for International Students

Ontario is now accepting applications for international students that are having job offers from employers in Ontario. International students can now apply for the provincial nominee program.

The government of Ontario is now accepting applications from international students. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is accepting applications under Employer Job Offer: International Students Stream on November 26.

However, all the applicants who are willing to apply will need to have a job offer for consideration. The employer form should be up-to-date for applying.

According to an announcement made on the government website, the stream will open between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST. However, a specific number of users will be able to use the system. Usually, this window opens for just a short time.

Moreover, the OINP is planning to launch an Expression of Interest System in 2021. This system will be helpful in managing a large number of applicants.

If you apply for this program, you will face a high-volume message page or placement in a priority queue. However, this isn’t a technical error, and you don’t need to contact support for this. If you face any technical issues, you can directly contact OINP at

The support will require a screenshot with a time and date stamp to know when the error occurred. However, you will also need to provide details about how the error occurred.

Moreover, the system will automatically shut down once it reaches its intake limit. No further applications will be entertained after the shutdown.

How to Register

The registration portal for this program will be available on the official webpage of the government. You can click on the “Submit an application” button through your computer or laptop. However, e-Filing system doesn’t support tablets and phones.

You should also need to be careful while entering your date of birth. It is essential to follow the correct format “DD/MM/YYYY. You can’t make changes to your or date of birth after submission.

Through this registration window, you can only apply for the Employer Job Offer: International Student Stream. However, you can’t register for the Foreign Worker Stream in this registration window. The OINP also said that this portal is not for Masters Graduate Stream.

Current Job Offer and Up-to-date Employer Form

While applying for this program, you need to demonstrate your current job offer. However, you can’t only apply with a pending job offer or a potential return to work date. Your current job offer is an essential supporting document, and it should have a definitive start date on it.

You will need to submit the most recent version of your employer form to the OINP. However, your form should be completed and dates no earlier than November 26, 2020. Your employer form can be submitted within six months from the date of signing; however, the form’s information should be current to apply. Your application can be returned as incomplete in case your employer form is dated before November 26. However, your job offer must be current to complete the application.

Applicants who successfully register for this program will have 14 days to submit their completed application. This time period can also be used to upload your up-to-date employer form. You won’t get any extensions.

Employers will need to ensure that all information provided in the employer form is correct.

Eligible One-year Study Programs

You can apply for the provincial nominee program under this program. However, your application gets approval if you have received any of the following documents from an eligible Canadian institution:

  • Two years of a degree or diploma if you study on a full-time basis.
  • One year of a degree, diploma, or certificate if you study on a full-time basis and need a completed degree as a requirement for admission.

In order to be eligible for this program, your one-year program must need a completed degree. It can be a requirement for admission. The one-year degree will be ineligible if they need a diploma or a degree, a degree or work experience, or similar. Notwithstanding, if you personally completed a degree or program before getting accepted into the one-year program.

Moreover, you need to complete more than half of your studies while living and studying in Canada.

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