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Manitoba holds second PNP draw in two weeks

Manitoba PNP

Canada is a beautiful country to live and work. However, the cities of Canada smart, modern, stylish, and clean. Canada is a big attraction for many migrants who love to enjoy the great outdoors as well as urban convenience. Moreover, the cities of Canada are spacious, and they are well-designed and easy to get around. Every year, many immigrants apply for Provincial Nominee Program to settle in Canada.

Canada offers comfortable living for people to live in a large suburban house and transport for work. Like any other country, the most significant cities like Vancouver and Toronto are expensive to live in. However, you don’t need to go far outside the city center to find an affordable and comfortable lifestyle.

Manitoba Holds Second PNP Draw

Manitoba holds its second PNP draw in two weeks. On November 19th, Manitoba held its second PNP draw to invite more immigrants. In this draw, Manitoba has invited 196 hopeful candidates to apply for Provincial nomination to get permanent residence.

The Provincial Nominee Program is an ideal program for international graduates and skilled workers. Skilled workers and international graduates received invitations under three immigration streams:

You can take a look at the number of invitations sent to candidates along with Letters of Advice to Apply (LAAs). However, you can also check the details for the minimum required EOI scores here:

  • Skilled Workers Overseas – 22 LAAs having a minimum 769 score.
  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba – 144 LAAs having a minimum 526 score.
  • International Education Stream – 30 LAAs with no EOI score requirement.

The government issued 196 LAAs in total, and 40 of them went to Express Entry candidates. However, the number of invitations was seven in the previous draw. According to MPNP, candidates will get rejection who do not have:

  • A valid Express Entry ID.
  • Job Seeker Validation Code.
  • Verifiable Experience in any In-demand occupation.

Moreover, the MPNP only considered the Skilled Worker Overseas applicants in this draw if they received a direct invitation under a strategic recruitment program.

Candidates Received no Invitation

Those candidates who scored more than the minimum requirements but did not receive an LAA, it could be for several reasons:

  • Invalid test number for the third-party language test.
  • No longer valid language test.
  • Candidate invited under a strategic recruitment program but provided invalid invitation number.

However, the MPNP said that candidates who fall in any of these scenarios could update their EOI profile with the correct information to consider themselves in the next draw.

Moreover, candidates who are working in a regulated field of work have been invited via this draw. The MPNP says that they will reject the candidates who are not actually working in a regulated field of work. It includes the candidates who do not provide proof of all completed licensing steps to be employed in Manitoba. Those who fall under this situation can decline their LAA.

Express Entry Manitoba

Additionally, Eligible candidates for Express Entry get the rankings according to their CRS score. CRS score is based on factors like age, education, work experience, and language ability. The government issues invitations for candidates having the highest scores to apply for Canadian PR. The candidates can apply for PR through regular draws from Express Entry Pool.

Moreover, candidates who receive a provincial nomination get an additional 600 CRS points, and they are guaranteed to get ITA from IRCC.

EOI System of Manitoba

People who are looking to immigrate to Manitoba via Provincial Nominee Program will need to submit an Expression of Interest with MPNP to get an LAA under the Skilled Workers Overseas and Skilled Workers in Manitoba streams.

Additionally, according to the system of Manitoba, such candidates will get points out of 1,000. However, points are based on factors such as Education, English or French language ability, work experience, connections in Manitoba, and other factors.

Apply for Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

There are various streams to apply for MPNP. You can apply for Canadian immigration under multiple streams. However, the most popular streams to apply for MPNP are Skilled Worker Programs and Canadian Student Visa.

Thus, you can apply for any of these popular streams to work or study in Manitoba. If you don’t know more about the process to apply for Canadian Immigration, an expert will be helpful. You can contact the Best Canada Immigration Agency In Dubai to apply for your immigration.

Experts can help you to complete your documents and successfully apply for immigration in Canada. Fill this free online assessment form to get help from experts.

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