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Canada’s PNP immigration results in November 2020

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Provincial Nominee Program of Canada is one of its popular streams. Canada started this program back in 1998. This program invited around 200 people to Canada for the first time. But now, this program is quite famous among immigrants worldwide. Moreover, this program now supports the intake of around 80,000 new permanent residents every year.

Around 3,744 immigration candidates have received invitations under PNP in the last month. Canadian provinces and territories participate in this program to set a number of economic immigrants every year. Moreover, the provinces can nominate the candidates for Canadian PR.

PNP Immigration Results in November 2020

Every month, different provinces send invitations to many hopeful immigrants. However, the number of invited immigrants can vary from month to month and province to province. This November, Canadian provinces invited many hopeful immigrants to process the next round of the immigration process.

Currently, there are more than 80 PNP streams that are working in 11 different provinces and territories. However, each stream is designed for attracting immigrants who meet the specific labor market and economic needs of those regions.

However, most participating provinces have at least one Provincial Nominee Program stream that works with the federal Express Entry System. Moreover, Express Entry is a famous and primary source of Canada’s economic immigration.

Through this program, a province can select candidates from Express Entry. However, the candidates receive invitations from provinces to apply for a provincial nomination. Therefore, these streams are helpful for provinces in nominating the candidates under Express Entry System.

Express Entry manages the pool of immigrants for three major economic immigration categories:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Class
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Class

Express Entry candidates who receive a nomination from any province or territory also get 600 CRS points.

PNP streams that don’t work under Express Entry are known as “Base PNPs.” However, these streams can also nominate candidates, and they can also pursue permanent residence.

Let’s take a look at the updates and rounds of invitation from November:

British Columbia

  • On November 24, B.C. invited 360 candidates to apply for a provincial nomination under five streams of the B.C. PNP.
  • B.C. held a Tech Pilot draw on November 17. Invited 76 candidates to apply for provincial nomination under four B.C. PNP streams.
  • On November 10, B.C. invited 358 candidates to apply for provincial nomination under five streams.
  • B.C. held a Tech Pilot draw on November 3. 76 candidates received invitations to apply for a provincial nomination under four streams of B.C. PNP.


  • Manitoba held a draw on November 19. However, 196 candidates, including 40 Express Entry candidates, received invitations to apply for the MPNP under three streams.
  • The province held a draw on November 5. 7 Express Entry, and 205 candidates received invitations to apply for the MPNP under three significant streams.


  • On November 26, Ontario opened Employer Job Offer: International Student Stream for an intake period. However, the intake period was closed due to some technical issues.
  • The province reached its intake limit for Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills streams on November 16. However, no further registrations will be accepted until any further notice.
  • On November 12, the province issued 443 notifications of Express Entry candidates’ interest under the Human Capital Priorities stream. Moreover, nine occupations were eligible under this stream.
  • The province announced on November 5 that the Ontario Regional Immigration Pilot had reached its intake quota for 2020. However, more applications will start in 2021.
  • On November 4, Ontario issued 726 invitations for the Express Entry candidates under the Skilled Trades streams and French-Speaking Skilled Worker.

Newfoundland and Labrador

  • The province is planning for a new Provincial Nominee Program stream, Priority Skills Newfoundland and Labrador. Moreover, this stream will target highly educated and skilled people having experience in the in-demand sectors of the province.


  • On November 24, the province introduced ten new points for the SINP ranking system for candidates who are good at speaking English and French.
  • Saskatchewan held a draw on November 19. The province invited 551 candidates from the Express Entry and Occupations In-Demand streams.
  • The province invited 523 candidates on November 3. The candidates applied for Express Entry and Occupations In-Demand streams of SINP.

Prince Edward Island

  • The province held two draws on November 19. PEI invited 221 candidates to apply for the Labor & Express Entry streams. Furthermore, 33 candidates also received invitations under the Business Work Permit Entrepreneur category.

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