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Permanent Resident Status in Canada: Know The Outstanding Benefits!


The second-largest country in the world, Canada is considered having an abundant wealth of natural resources. The market of Canada is well driven by the rapid evolution of multiple industry sectors like Real Estate, Tech-Infrastructure, Aerospace, Automobile, IT, Hospitality, Tourism and many more. Our Canada Immigration Consultants believes that Canada is a hotspot for employment opportunities to international immigrants. A foreign migrant with Canada PR Visa Rights can obtain their position for a permanent settlement in this country.

As per the Canadian Express Visa Requirements, if an immigrant passes through the Express Entry Pool, he/she will obtain the permanent resident status. This permanent citizenship features diverse benefits for international migrants. In fact, the process of Canadian Immigration supports diverse types of Permanent Residence programs. Some of the prominent programs are-

  • Federal Skilled worker program,
  • Entrepreneur program,
  • Federal Skilled self Employed program
  • Investor program,
  • Provincial Nomination Program, etc

So, you don’t have to get worried for disqualification as multiple opportunities are available. Contact with expert Canada Immigration Consultants will help you in choosing the ideal immigration plan for getting permanent residence via Express Entry Visa Canada program.

What is a Permanent Residency – PR ?

PR is a type of Canadian immigration status and to get this permanent residence status, you have to qualify certain authorisation programs. Among all techniques of getting Canadian PR, the quickest and best approach is economic immigration. This program particularly includes the system of Express Entry. But if your spouse or parent(s) already have PR status, you can be sponsored by them for the Canadian Permanent Residence program. To know the full procedures, contact our  Canada Immigration Consultants.

In simple terms, Express Entry Visa Canada is a five-years staying permit. An applicant can apply for a permanent resident of Canada according to certain eligibility factors. By meeting the Canadian Express Visa Requirements, you get the approval of Canadian PR and enjoy equivalent rights of a Canadian Citizen. Nevertheless, you will not be able to vote or engage in political endeavours. But, once your citizenship is issued, you will be having all Canadain PR rights. For citizenship approval, you must spend three-five years in Canada. Here are some Significant Advantages of Permanent Residency-

  1. The rights of living and working anywhere in Canada

Once you get the PR after meeting all Canadian Express Visa Requirements, you will hold the legal rights to reside and work anywhere in Canada. For instance, If you are currently working in Montreal, but you have received a better job opportunity in Toronto, you can relocate to the place without any legal hassle. The excellent part is that migrants with PR are not restricted within a specific province or professional field. Contact our Canada Immigration Consultants to get your

Express Entry Visa Canada right away!

  1. Accessibility to Universal Healthcare Insurance and Social Services

Once you achieve your Canadian permanent residence, you will have full rights to avail Canada’s provincial healthcare programs and additional social services. The healthcare insurance programs of Canada protect universal rights and this implies that PR migrants will enjoy free medical facilities. To know more about Canadian Universal Healthcare Programs, contact our Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai.

  1. Rights to Sponsor Your Spouse and Children!

Once you become a permanent resident of Canada, your spouse and children can be sponsored for PR by you as well. Again, if you get your PR immigration through the system of Express Entry Visa Canada, your family can be included in your initial application. This actually relieves you from the duty of sponsoring your family in future. To fill your application for Express Entry Visa, consider taking help from expert Immigration agents. professional guidance can keep you from making potential blunders. Again, you can provide the privilege of Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) to your children with your PR status. Canadian Government provides tax-free compensation for your underaged children to sustain expenses.

  1. Elevated Chances to Become Canadian Citizen

If you are wishing to become a Canadain Citizen, then becoming the permanent resident of Canada is your initial step. With PR approval, you can live three-five years in Canada and this prolonged staying makes you liable for becoming Canadain Citizen. To know comprehensive details about the whole matter regarding Canadian Citizen and Permanent Residence, talk to our Canada Immigration Consultants.

  1. The PR Rights Will be Well-protected and Can’t be Snatched from You!

Your Canadian PR status can’t be withdrawn, as far as you meet the conditions and obey the country’s laws. Therefore, your PR status will be cancelled only if you get indulged unto serious crimes or leave the country before the completion of three years. Your PR status needs to be renewed after the expiration. Contact with our Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai if your PR renewal date is near. We will be happy to help!

  1. Guaranteed Income Supplement and Canada Pension Plan for Old Age Security

This program is exclusively meant for offering financial aid to international workers when they reach their retirement period. The prefered age to enjoy this benefit is 65. As the eligibility criteria for these programs, you must meet the particular residence requirement and pay regular tax to the Canadian Government. However, almost all permanent residents get qualified for partial financial support from these programs. Let our Canada Immigration Consultants explain the whole matter of these programs. Contact us!

Get Your PR Approval Through Express Entry System With The Assistance of MigrateNow DMCC!

There is no denying the fact that Opting for Canada Immigration through the PR routes brings you a plethora of advantages. Indeed, the Canada Express Entry Program has been an immense victory in terms of the nation’s foreign policy. This system has benefited a huge number of international immigrants who are looking for a suitable living opportunity in a wonderful country like Canada. So, without a delay, complete our free online assessment to find our eligibility for Canadian Permanent Residence. Our Canada Immigration Consultants will review your profile and contact you to consult about the suitable immigration options.

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