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Quebec launches direct employer-immigrant recruitment portal

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Quebec launched a new portal for the employers to have direct access to the potential candidates. Employers can now hire candidates already living in Quebec or abroad. They can benefit from personalized support offered by the immigration advisor. People who are willing to work in Canada will now have more opportunities to get an LMIA work permit in Canada.

This announcement was made on November 5 by Nadine Giralut, Quebec’s Minister of Immigration, Francization, and Integration.

It was also the same date when the Employer Portal’s new functionality was made available for the businesses. This is a service by the Quebec Ministry of Immigration.

This facility aims to facilitate the selection of the people who best meet the current needs of the labor market in the province. It will allow businesses to go directly to the ministry’s website. They can consult profiles of the immigration candidates and offer them a job instantly. Employers can help candidates to initiate the immigration process.

Recruiting Made Easy

Companies registered in the Registraire des Entreprises Québec will now be able to hire immigrants or people from ethnocultural minorities in Quebec. However, international students who have complete their graduation in Quebec will post-graduate will get a work permit. As well as temporary or permanent workers from abroad will also get a chance to work.

The purpose of this portal is to make profiles of immigration candidates available for employers and companies. In this way, they can more quickly identify and hire people who are the best fit for their labor needs. This portal will make it easy to get an LMIA work permit in Canada.

The navigation of this portal is ergonomic, and it allows a company to get results in real-time when it chooses its various search criteria. Additionally, the interface is helpful for users to save and download their search results. Employers can now identify their favorites so they can quickly get in touch with them.

Personalized Support Program

When there is a match between immigration candidates and employers, companies will also get benefit from a personalized assistance service. This service is to help them in choosing the right immigration program, and it will go through various steps. Department of regional immigration and international recruitment advisors offered this support program. However, it will be available in all administrative regions of Quebec.

The Employers’ Portal is a free service, and it has been functional since June 27, 2019. Since then, companies can obtain personalized and local support from a Ministry advisor for accessing the Employers’ Portal. It also includes an interface that allows companies to search independently and has been accessible since November 5, 2020.


In order to access this portal, companies will first need to create a profile in Arima, Quebec’s online Expression of the Interest management system. After that, they will be able to get online assistance. Once this request has been submitted, companies will get a personalized response from a Ministry advisor. It will take five business days to process. Once this step has been completed, and companies will get access, they will be able to conduct independent research. However, they can also store the results and contact candidates.

While the portal will make it easy to identify the people more quickly who are best for their labor needs, it will not accelerate the immigration process under a permanent or temporary immigration program.

These new features on the portal is primarily a recruitment tool for addressing the province’s long-standing labor shortages. However, it will also ensure economic recovery post-COVID-19.

Launch of Employers’ Portal

The launch of this portal will make recruitment easy for businesses, and it will also renew international recruitment activities. It will ease the process of getting an LMIA work permit in Canada. The government is acting proactively to improve the recruitment process in the province. They aim to support businesses more effectively so they will act in a more targeted manner.

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