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Quebec updates salary requirements for hiring temporary foreign worker

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Canada is an excellent place to live and work. The country is popular for its quality of life. Moreover, Canada has a low unemployment rate compared to other developed countries. It is continuously growing in modern technology, making it an ideal place for people seeking their career in software development and information technology. Fields like Aerospace, Telecommunication, Engineering, and Pharmaceutical offer plenty of jobs in Canada. You need an LMIA work permit in Canada to work in Canada.

A valid work permit also enables your spouse, partner, common-law partner to work in Canada. However, they will have to get their own permit to work.

Quebec Updates Salary Requirements

There are many potential employers in Canada. The government has updated the salary requirements for employers who want to hire temporary foreign workers. However, employers will need to refer to a new salary guide to hire temporary foreign workers. The provincial immigration minister announced the salary updates.

Moreover, the new change will get implemented on December 1. Employers in Quebec will need to refer to the new salary guide 2020 to hire and invite foreign workers. Currently, employers are following the 2018 edition to hire foreign workers.

Additionally, the Government of Quebec also indicated that employers would need to send their offers to the ministry before December 1. The government will refuse any offers received on or after the job’s mentioned date based on the 2018 edition of the salaries guide.

Once the immigration ministry receives requests for LMIA Work Permit in Canada, they will verify the offers. The ministry will verify the applicants and approve the offers according to the new salary guide 2020.

If a collective agreement or decree covers the employer’s employment, the salary will need to comply with the requirements of that agreement or decree.

The immigration ministry will determine the job offer without coverage of collective agreement or a decree by referring the Quebec’s Salaries Guides. However, the hourly wage for a specific occupation will be according to three categories. Moreover, the number of years of experience required by the employer will be determined to decide the hourly wage.

In case the officials won’t be able to find the salary information in the guide. The ministry will refer to the federal wage information available on Canada’s Job Bank.

Decision of Salary

While applying to get work authorization, the offered salary will be according to the guaranteed wages only. However, over time, insurances, tips, bonuses, profit-sharing, commissions, and any other payment form will not include in the calculation.  

The decision of occupation for a temporary foreign worker will be according to the NOC 2016 for all categories of positions in TFWP. However, the NOC is a classification system designed by the Canadian government. The NOC is recognized in Canada for the occupations that make up the Canadian labor market.

The two main criteria for classifying occupation in the NOC are skill type and skill level.

Many companies and organizations of Quebec hire foreign workers temporarily. The primary reason for hiring labor on a temporary basis is a labor shortage. Employers hire temporary foreign workers to fulfill the shortage in specific sectors of activity.

The immigration procedure needs to determine the current salary. It is necessary to get a temporary work permit in Quebec.

It is also essential to know that several steps are necessary for hiring temporary workers in Quebec. Furthermore, several authorizations like LMIA Work Permit in Canada and a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) are also critical.

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