LMIA Work permit in Canada

Foreign TV and film workers eligible for priority processing


Canada is gradually opening up its borders to facilitate workers who want to go back to their work and restart the economy. Canada has now introduced a 14-day visa program for foreign TV and Film Workers. This program falls under the LMIA Work Permit in Canada.

Eligible film and foreign TV workers can now take advantage of this 14-days processing standard to work in Canada. Currently, foreign TV and Film crews who are looking for TRVs can easily manage to get their work permits for Canada within two weeks.

New Policy

IRCC officials are now going to make work permit processing a priority for foreign TV and film workers. However, eligible candidates who are looking get Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) will be able to save their time. Foreign TV workers can now take benefit from this facility.

However, someone who belongs to a visa-exempt country will need a TRV to gain entry into Canada. This policy is also applicable to foreign nationals who are living in the United States who happen to be citizens of non-visa-exempt countries.

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On September 28, IRCC announced the new policy, and this service is available for the candidates on the IRCC website. This means that it will only take only two weeks to process the TV and film workers’ visas. However, if foreign TV and film workers need TRVs urgently, they can use this service to get their permit urgently.

Foreign TV and film crews can make use of this service to get temporary visa access within a timeframe of two weeks. Those who are in urgent need of a visa can grab this opportunity to work in Canada. However, it is essential to know that foreign film crews should quarantine for two weeks after arriving in Canada.

Current Rules

Foreign nationals who are traveling to Canada via air from any other country except the United States should use their Canadian work permit if they want to board their plane. However, travelers from the United States can submit the visa application for a work permit. They can apply for a work permit at any Entry port, but they must not be ill.

Moreover, they should also show proof that they are able to quarantine for 14 days in Canada. People who want to travel to Canada for non-essential reasons will not get approval for entry at the moment. However, individual territories and provinces can impose additional travel restrictions.

How Does Process work?

According to IRCC, foreign nationals who aim to work in TV and film should meet the following criteria to get priority processing:

  • Submitting an online application to get a work permit for working within the TV and film industry.
  • Candidates should be applying from outside Canada and the United States. or be in the United States, but they need a TRV.
  • Need to provide self-identity as a television and film industry worker after submitting their work permit applications. Candidates can send a request for a work permit through the IRCC Online Form.

Moreover, IRCC issued special instructions for the candidates to write the following phrase word-by-word in the “your enquiry” section:

“COVID-19 FILM & TV INDUSTRY – Requesting priority processing for Film & TV Industry workers due to COVID-19.”

It will be helpful for the Client Experience Branch to differentiate the specific requests and forward them accordingly. The officials will sort out the applications accordingly and deliver them to the concerned department for priority processing.

Finally, the immigration department will ask for additional five days for classifying the requests that are suitable for priority processing. IRCC will ensure all the necessary things to confirm that the application is eligible to get priority processing. The applicants will get confirmation from the officials. However, the two-week processing time will start once the applicant will get confirmation.

How to Get LMIA Work Permit in Canada?

Canada offers various streams to get a Canadian Visa Easily. However, if you want to move to Canada as a skilled worker, you need to get an LMIA work permit in Canada. If you don’t know how the process works, then a Legal Genuine Immigration agency in Dubai will be helpful.

You can get help from a legal agency to get your visa quickly. Experts know how the process works, and they will help you complete your documents and eligibility criteria. It’s easy to apply for your visa now. You need to fill a free online assessment form to get help from a professional.

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