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Canada still accepting Home Support Worker Pilot applications


Canada is a land of opportunities, and it offers job opportunities for almost every field of work. Canada also provides an opportunity for foreign caregivers to work in Canada, and it falls under LMIA Work Permit in Canada.

If we’ll talk about the Home Support Worker Pilot, it is one of the two caregiver pilots launched back in June 2019. This pathway is suitable for foreign nationals having work experience in NOC 4112.

Home Support Workers Pilot aims to bring caregivers in Canada on temporary work permits. However, they can apply for permanent residence after attaining enough work experience.

Open Support Workers can Still Apply for Permanent Residence

Home support workers still have the chance to apply and get permanent residence status in Canada. Canada is still accepting applications from support workers who want to get permanent residence in Canada.

According to the government’s official website, the country still needs to reach the cap for the pilot. Due to COVID-19, many countries have suffered a lot, and Canada is one of them. Canada failed to achieve its target of immigrants due to the global pandemic.

Home Child Care Provider Pilot

Home Child Care Provider Pilot launched during the last summer, and according to the official website, it has been filled. Overall, 2,750 total applicants applied under this pilot. If you want to apply under this pilot, you need to keep an eye for its reopening on January 1, 2021.

The processing of applications is yet to begin, and people waiting for the response need to be a little more patient. Applicants will soon get notification letters from IRCC once the process begins. However, according to IRCC’s statement, people will need to wait longer than usual for the letter. The process will take longer than expected due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Home support workers and home child care providers both are five-year programs. However, these programs are helpful for capable caregiver and their family members. These pilots are useful for skilled caregivers and their families to apply for permanent residence.

Foreign workers who have secured their jobs are caregivers in Canada can now apply for immigration under any of these two pilots. However, the application process will be different for every applicant. The government will look into the applications, make final decisions according to each candidate’s situation, and qualify work experience as an essential factor to consider.

Qualifying work experience is necessary to apply for LMIA Work Permit in Canada. If you are applying for any of these two pilots, you should possess qualifying work experience, full-time work experience. However, experience regarding housekeepers or foster parents does not count.

Eligibility Criteria

If you are opting for Home Support Worker Application, you need to meet the following requirements:

Job Offer

Eligible candidates need a job offer in Canada while applying for a work permit.

Work Experience

Along with a work permit, caregivers also need to possess at least two years of compulsory work experience to apply for permanent residence.


Eligible candidates should comply with Canadian Language Benchmark Level 5.


Applicants need to have at least one year of Canadian post-secondary education or any foreign education that is equivalent.

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Two New Amendments for Caregivers

The government has made two new amendments to address the significant issues with the previous caregiver pilot programs:

  1. Caregivers Can Now Switch Their Employer

In the past, caregivers were unable to change their jobs. In such a case, they were bound with single families due to which the environment was exceptionally favorable for workplace abuse. However, according to the new rules, caregivers have the ability to change their jobs or employers.

  • Eligibility to Take Family Members Along

Previously, the caregivers were not allowed to take their family members along with them to Canada. However, according to the new rules, caregivers are eligible to take their family members along them. Caregivers can now apply for open work permits or study permits.

How to Apply for Home Support Worker Pilot Applications?

In order to apply for a home support worker pilot program, candidates should have at least two years of work experience. Candidates having at least two years of work experience will be eligible to apply for this program. However, applicants will also need to show work proof for eligibility.

However, candidates interested in applying under this program and meet all the requirements except for the experience need to get the minimum required experience to apply for this program.

While applying, it will be necessary for the applicants to submit a work permit application as well as the application for permanent residence.

The eligible candidates need to comply with all the requirements to get their temporary work permits. However, this is an occupation-restricted open work permit. According to this permit, candidates will only be able to work as caregivers for any employer. Those candidates who don’t comply with the least work experience will be able to apply later. They need to complete their work experience of at least 24 months. After getting the required work experience in Canada, they can forward their application with proof of experience. The government of Canada will look into their application for any further decision.

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