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How to migrate to Canada from UAE


Ever wondered why the immigration rate to Canada always shows an increasing trend in comparison to immigration programs of other countries? One quick thought that instantly flickers in mind is the fact of it being friendly and welcoming for aspiring entrants. Not only this, Canada is believed as a land offering endless opportunities for its migrants with multitude of Canadian Immigration options to choose from. Whether you are a skilled worker dreaming to have a better tomorrow, a business enthusiast passionate to launch a challenging start-up, a professional, a student  or an angel investor, Canada looks forward to greet you in your second home.


Where there are so many other options to apply and qualify for Canadian Immigration, significance of its Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) cannot be undermined due its popularity and practicality in accommodating immigrants. No matter you are an entrepreneur, skilled/ semi-skilled worker and/or a student, doors to Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) are open for you with all the provinces and/or territories having their own immigration programs targeting certain groups to make Canada economically and culturally enriched.  And, to let you decide which PNP fits best as per your credentials and profession, we can be trusted for being Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai.


Since one of the ways to seek permanent resident status in Canada and to set foot on this land of limitless growth opportunities is through Canada Provincial Nomination Program, so be happy for your chances to get Immigration are brilliantly high. But wait! Just thinking and planning will not work. You need to go through a rigorous procedure for making it happen and it is where we jump in for your assistance as one of the Best Immigration Services in Dubai. Having the privilege of being trusted as a Legal Genuine Immigration Agency in Dubai, we are there at every step of entire PNP Nomination process that starts right from determining your eligibility for immigration to a particular province/ territory based upon your experience, skillset and education and ends up making your dream ‘to be in Canada’ come true.


With our Immigration Agents guiding you at each and every step including selection of your preferred province/territory (as per your credentials and willingness to serve over there), filling and filing application (it can be done via opting either of the two routes i.e., paper based (also referred as Non-Express Entry linked Application) and online (also termed as Express Entry linked Application by creating your Express Entry Profile) and getting yourself permanent resident status, we assure you to have this entire process as pleasant and streamlined as possible.


One of the most exiting features of Canada Provincial Nomination Program is its uniqueness for each province and territory except for Quebec province which doesn’t offer PNP but follows other route to enter as an immigrant i.e., Skilled Worker Program. Having its own criteria and guidelines for immigrants, each province/ territory welcomes the most fit-in candidates to migrate and contribute towards its economic prosperity. The details pertaining to Immigration Rules and Guides are available on each province/ territory’s respective website for your information and better understanding of respective requirements. Yet, with us by your side as your Canada Immigration Consultants, ensuring procedural compliance and completing documentary evidences remains our part of the responsibility. 


Where PNP covers varied groups under respective province/ territory as mentioned above, the basic theme behind designing each PNP Stream is to offer and invite workers who aspire to contribute towards Canadian economy through their education, skillset and experiences while committing themselves to the wellbeing of particular province they opt to reside permanently.

While being connected to Federal Express Entry System (FEES), Provincial Nomination Program for each province/ territory awards nominees with 600 additional Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points for the purpose of encouraging increased number of nominations. Promising an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for each candidate from the pool via subsequent draws, it is regarded as the most valuable factor in CRS. For encouraging enhanced nominations, PNP has been made quite rewarding with entry to the pool of application becoming as simple as creating your Express Entry Profile online.   


To let you choose your desired Canada Provincial Nominee Program, we come forward as Best Canada Immigration agency in Dubai. With expert Immigration Agents to guide and respond to any of our Canadian Immigration concerns, we have multiple success stories on our credit. We also have strong networking in the concerned departments of each province to rightly respond any of your queries. So, why not to create another success story with you while letting you chase your dream and making it come true.


With an astoundingly higher number of 70+ unique PNP streams on offer, provinces cater Canadian Immigrations under three broad categories i.e., First-Come First-Served, Expression of Interest and Passive. Let’s have a brief and quick overview of each of these categories for your better understanding:


  1. First-Come, First-Served

Under this category, candidates are encouraged to apply for their preferred PNP on first-come, first-served basis with a predefined application quota. Each stream has its own unique demand; some are high demand streams whereby the quota quickly gets exhausted just like Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Category B and Ontario Masters Graduate stream, while others are moderately in demand with application process remains open throughout the year to apply like Newfoundland and Labrador Skilled Worker.


  1. Expression of Interest

Provinces, having incorporated points system into their PNP stream make use of this category whereby the process is almost a replica of Federal Express Entry System. It demands prospective immigrants to first ‘Express their Interest’ in response to which invitation to applications are extended. You need to keep in mind here that point scoring under such PNP streams is way different than what is considered in Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) under Federal Express Entry System. A candidate qualifying CRS score may get rejected for not meeting particular PNP stream’s ranking system requirements.  Since minimum point scoring requirements for each stream keeps on fluctuating from draw to draw and there is no rule off thumb to determine ‘how much score to secure a slot in particular PNP stream’ so to better getting selected rather rejected, it is suggested to choose your preferred stream wisely. And, of course, here you can fully rely on our Canadian Immigration Consultants for their expert insight.


  1. Passive

 Under this category, mostly, candidates don’t apply / express their interest for Canadian Immigration directly though they are Express Entry Applicants. Rather, they are contacted by the province itself to get nominated for its particular PNP stream via IRCC online account such candidates hold. The reason majorly being linked in such cases is absence of interest at the part of candidates. One prominent example of PNP streams, under this category includes: Ontario’s Express Entry-linked streams (all three including Human Capital Priorities, French-Speaking Skilled Worker, and Skilled Trades).


Being part of your journey towards immigration in the capacity of  your Canada Immigration Consultant, we recommend you to adopt online Express Entry linked Application procedure to apply for your chosen PNP stream rather going for Paper-base Non-Express Entry linked Application especially if you want quick immigration process. Once you apply for Provincial Nominee Program under Express Entry route, the application processing time after it qualifies at provincial level is around six months at federal level (two stage approval process) whereas in case of Non-Express Entry linked Application, it can take up to two years at federal level for final processing. You can also check your application processing status and required timeline for approval at federal level via online tools available to serve the purpose. However, being a Legal Genuine Immigration agency in Dubai with wings spread in Canada, we are there to keep you updated with your PNP application status on the go.


To get yourself qualified for nomination by your selected province/ territory, you need to be patient. Immigration from one country to another is not at all an overnight process and demands certain eligibility requirements to be fulfilled at the part of candidates prior to letting them in the pool. And, here we are not only talking about immigration but also to discover a route to immigration i.e., through PNP to make the entire move as smooth as possible. We help you creating your own checklist prior to extending your immigration application so that nothing is missed.


Where your skills, education, relevant experience and financial compatibility for family support are taken into account as eligibility factors, then at the same time, your profile is being assessed to see if you will be able to run your family during difficult times while being a Canadian Immigrant. Permanent Residence application must be extended to federal ministry for immigration within defined timeline.   


Sounds great, right! So, what are you waiting for; get ready to take a life-changing experience while exploring your potentials and living your dreams. Let us help you getting started while applying for suitable PNP stream of your choice within Canada; there is yet another horizon to explore.

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