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How to increase CRS Score

Express Entry Immigration

Are you dreaming to immigrate to Canada and get the permanent residence there? Fortunately, Canada offers various immigration programs for suitable aspirants. Canada Express Entry is one of the most advanced immigration programs in the world. Most of the people who migrate from Dubai to Canada, follow this immigration program. If you want to immigrate to Canada through Express Entry, the best bet to do so is by increasing the CRS score. There are various queries of clients at migratenow, the best Canada immigration agency in Dubai, regarding how they can get the maximum CRS score to qualify in Express Entry. Here, we will talk about how you can increase your CRS score, but first, we need to understand how the CRS score works.

What is the Canada CRS Score?

According to the official website, CRS- Comprehensive Ranking System score is a tool to rank the candidates who wish to immigrate to Canada under the Express Entry Program. The total CRS score is 1200. The CRS score has four main sections. Each section has its own weightage. The detail of each section is as follows:

  • Core or Human capital factors
  • Factors related to Spouse or common-law
  • Skill transferability factors
  • Additional points

The grand total by adding the points from all these factors decides your eligibility for the Express Entry Program.

Core/Human Capital Factors- 460-500 Points

This section is most important as it contains the highest points. It includes factors like age, language skills, education, and work experience in Canada.

Age- If your age is between 18 and 44 years, you can earn the points. However, the maximum points are for those candidates who have the ages between 20 and 29 years. You will get 100 points if you want to immigrate to Canada with a spouse or common-law partner. In case you are single, you will get 110 points.

Education- Education is equally important as it can offer points between 28 to as high as 150. The higher the education more are the points. For example, if you have a three-year qualification, you can get as high as 120 points in the education section alone.

Official Language Proficiency- You can earn a maximum of 150 points in this section if you want to immigrate with your spouse. You can earn 160 points if you are single, depending on your English level skills.

Canadian Work Experience- If you have appropriate Canadian work experience and immigrating with a spouse, 70 points are awarded. In case you are single, 80 points are awarded if you have Canadian work experience.

Spouse/ Common-law Factors- 40 Points

This section has a maximum of 40 points, depending on education, official language proficiency, and Canadian work experience of your spouse. The level of education has 10 points, language has 20 points, and 10 points are for the Canadian work experience of your spouse.

Skill Transferability Factors- 100 Points

This section has a total of 100 points based on your skills related to education, qualifications, language, and Canadian work experience. For example, if you have Canadian work experience along with a secondary degree, you can get 50 points.

Additional Points- 600 Points

This section includes various factors including the relatives living in Canada, education, French language proficiency, Canadian job offer, and the Provincial Nomination. You can get a maximum of 600 points from this section.

Different ways How to Increase CRS Score

Claim All the Points You Deserve

There are certain points in CRS that can be availed without extra efforts. Some people miss these points because they are unaware of these easy points. Examples of these points are given below:

Sibling Points: Are any of your siblings or relatives live in Canada? If yes, you can get 15 extra points in the CRS score. These relatives include your spouse or common-law partner, brother or sister having a permanent resident in Canada. Give the details of that relative and get the valuable points you deserve.

Second Language: You can get extra points if you have skills in the French language. Some people can speak French, but the focus only on the English language. This way, they lose the valuable points they deserve. If you think you know both English and French languages, take a valid language test to prove it.

Further, a few of PNP programs prefer French speakers along with providing extra points to these candidates. This is the time you cash the French language skills if you have missed in earlier tries.

Retry the Language Test

Language skills play an important role in the total CRS score as they can contribute up to 270 points. Performing poor in this portion means relatively lower chances to qualify for Express Entry. There are four language abilities i.e. speaking, writing, reading, and listening; the candidate gets more points with improvement in these four aspects in test results.

When a candidate achieves the CLB- Canadian Language Benchmark level 9 in all of these four language categories, he gets the additional points in the CRS score. Because he not only gets an additional number in the language section but also the skills transferability section. With just minor improvement in language skills can transform your overall CRS score.

In order to achieve CLB-9 on the IELTS test, you must get the following minimum scores: 8 points in listening, 7 points each in speaking, reading, and writing category. If you failed to get a minimum of these points in any of the language categories, retake the language test. For more guidelines about the language tests, contact migratenow’s best Immigration consultants in Dubai.

Obtain the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Provincial Nominee Program can prove a significant boost to your CRS score. If you are successful in getting entry through Canada Province Nomination Program, you’ll get additional 600 points in the overall CRS score. All provinces in Canada are independent to invite a pool of skilled people based on their skills demand.

There are two ways to obtain entry through PNP, either through the Express Entry related models or by applying directly to the specific province for the selection. The best thing is there are various Canada Province Nomination Programs to try. Some of the PNP’s are Nova Scotia, Ontario Immigration Nominee Program, and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.

If you are successful in any of the PNP, you’ll get the bumper prize of 600 points in the CRS score. To obtain these points, our team of professional Immigration agents at migratenow is always ready to guide you.

Avail Canadian Job Opportunity

Canadian work experience can provide you valuable extra points. Work experience other than Canada is also significant for your transferability considerations. You will achieve higher points after completing three years of work experience in Canada. You can get extra points as soon as completing one year of work experience in Canada. However, you are required to express your current work as ongoing. This way government’s system will automatically update your professional experience in the record.

Complete Another Educational Program

Higher education can boost your CRS score even though it is a long term process. Education is necessary for gaining more CRS points because it is an important part of the CRS skill transferability factors. The skill transferability factor can help you win up to 100 CRS points at maximum. The following levels of education are compulsory for gaining the highest skill transferability points.

  • Two or more post-secondary credentials out of which one must be three-years or longer program. The rest may be shorter but at least one must be longer up to three years.

In case you have already completed a bachelor’s degree, an educational program of one year will be enough to become eligible to win higher CRS points. If you want to migrate to Canada, completing one year of educational program will add a feather in your hat. For more information, contact our team at C, a legal genuine immigration agency in Dubai.

Look at Broad Aspects

It is a common observation that most of the candidates focus only on one aspect to qualify for Express Entry Visa Canada. It minimizes their chances to increase the CRS score and qualify for Express Entry. For example, an educated person believes he doesn’t need any other qualifications except the education to qualify. However, this is not the case most of the time, as other candidates have higher credentials in multiple factors. Therefore, all aspirants need to focus on a range of factors. For example, language skills, PNP’s, and additional education.

Take the Help of Employment Professional

If you haven’t taken the help of an employment professional, it’s time to change the approach to boost the CRS score. An employment professional will help you in improving the digital resume. He will assist you in searching for possible hiring employers in Canada. He will also help you in improving all the aspects to maximize your chance to obtain a Canada job offer. If you succeed in getting the job offer from a Canadian employer, this will boost your CRS score tally by points. If you have any queries, contact the migratenow team, providing the best immigration services in Dubai.


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