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Schooling in Canada: Essential Things to Know Before Proceeding

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Moving to a foreign country to continue your education can introduce some significant challenges that you will need to prepare yourself for before coming to Canada to study. However, Canada Student Visa Consultants In Dubai have made this journey relatively more straightforward and quicker. Therefore, you can easily apply for a Canadian Student Visa.

For many families, the decision to send their kids for international study programs is a significant life-decision. When you finally make up your mind to opt for study abroad in Canada, having comprehensive knowledge about Canada’s education system will allow you to make a proper decision about immigration.

Canada has more than 500,000 international students who have currently enrolled in study programs across the globe. But, there are many things that international students aren’t aware of before coming here. Getting approval for a Canadian Student Visa can be very complex and time-consuming. However still, international students consider this country to be the best place for higher education. Studying in Canada equips International Learners with better academic excellence. It opens up new opportunities for vocational exposure and a permanent settlement in Canada. So, contact our Legal Genuine Immigration agency in Dubai and get your Canadian Study Permit without any hassle. 

Formalities Regarding the Application for a Canadian study permit

Suppose you are from Dubai or any other place in the UAE and apply for a Canadian Study Permit. In that case, the entire process will be controlled under IRCC. Generally, with the help of our Canada Student Visa Consultants In Dubai, you can opt for online submission as online applications have faster processing time compared to offline processing. Students must keep their essential documents ready before starting the application process through a biometric machine that will capture your image and fingerprint. The Canadian Student Visa application fee includes biometric charges. Once the application is successfully placed, the applicant will receive a letter of introduction along with a temporary Visa or an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization).

Choose Your The Suitable Educational Institution in Canada

Canada is the haven for world-class universities and academic institutions. Its excellent educational system has made it one of the best places to pursue abroad studies. Both government and private administrative figures fund almost all Canadian academic institutions. International students in Canada are given special entrance for these institutions and future scope for careers. According to our Canada Immigration Consultants, the following are the best educational institution in Canada- 

1. University of Toronto

2. McGill university

3. McMasters university

4. Dalhousie university

5. University of Alberta

6. University of Waterloo

7. University of Manitoba

8. University of Calgary

9. University of British Columbia

10. Simon Fraser university

Eligibility conditions for the Canada study permit approval

student visa in Canada is mostly referred to as a Canadian study permit. It is a document that all international students in Dubai or other UAE parts must have before studying in Canada. To apply for Canadian student visa, candidates must proceed through the express entry process for student permit approval. This study permit will be allocated by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. 

If a temporary Visa or an electronic travel authorization will be attached to the Canadian study permit, and this will serve as your student visa to study in Canada throughout your program. However, Canada Student Visa Consultants In Dubai, to scale through this Immigration process of Canada, you need to ensure you make the required documentation available to assure a successful Student Visa application.

To be eligible to apply for a Canadian study permit, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Letter of acceptance from your designated institution.
  • Proof of financial ability for managing study expenses in Canada.
  • Health certificate and criminal background of the candidate in their respective country. 

It is to be noted that some Canadian study permits can be utilised to partake in a part-time job in Canada during the stipulated period of education. The eligibility conditions are-

1. The job program must be less than six months

2. Relationship or connection with Canadian foreign representatives

3. Refugees or Children of Canadian Refugees

4. The parents of candidates must have a permanent residency permit 

Talk to our Canada Student Visa Consultants In Dubai to know your eligibility criteria, or you can also complete a free online assessment on our website. 

Acceptance Rate for International Students in Canada

Acceptance Rate for International Students is High in Canada. Indeed, it is pretty easy to get acceptance to Canadian Universities. Canadian education system features a vast sea of courses with easy admission requirements. Many of the requirements for Canadian courses are just a high-school diploma. However, suppose you opt for law programs or medical line. In that case, you must show your prior undergraduate study in Canada for admission. Among other requirements, excellent English fluency and extra-curricular qualities can bring additional privilege for the international student. According to our latest reports, the acceptance rate in the well-known Candian academic institutions ranges between 40% – 58.7%! So, If you meet all the eligibility requirements for study immigration, the processing of your Canadian Student Visa will be faster without a doubt. 

Can we Work While Studying in Canada?

For Part-time work, all international students with a valid Canadian study permit can work on or off-campus for up to 20 hours/week. They can continue with the endeavour of earning additional income during university semesters. In fact, international students can also opt for full time during their semester breaks. However, some courses may specify that students must not work for more than 10 hours per week during term time – especially if they have been granted funding or scholarship to study in Canada.

Choose Migrate Now and Get Quality Assistance from Canada Student Visa Consultants In Dubai

Our Canada Student Visa Consultants In Dubai is right here to help you with all types of immigration queries. We will guide throughout your immigration process. Our expert consultants will prepare with proper vocational counselling so that you will merge with a new culture of a foreign land quite easily and, thus, become successful in reaching your career goals. Contact us today and get expert assistance in your immigration journey!

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