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Bring Your Family While Staying in Canada: Know How!


There are plenty of reasons why a person should go abroad to study. Out of that, one of the most prestigious and beneficial places is Canada. The most captivating Canadian Immigration privilege is its Canada Family Visa policy. It allows family members to stay with international students or workers. However, if you’re in Canada temporarily as a student or a worker. You may be able to bring your family with you! 

Family members whom you can sponsor for Canadian PR-

  • your spouse 
  • your dependent child
  • spouse’s dependent child

Family members whom you can not sponsor for Canadian PR-

  • your parents
  • brother or sister
  • uncle or aunt
  • other relatives
Family Sponsorship Program! 

As a nation with an assurance to family reunification and allowing loved ones together, Canada offers various immigration programs that give International Immigrants the chance to sponsor their family members to Canada. However, one of the foremost popular streams of Canadian immigration, family sponsorship programs, makes it easy for citizens and permanent residents to bring their spouse and immediate relations to Canada with reduced processing times. Contact our Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai to know the whole procedure. 

●     Canada’s Immigration Policy (SPOUSE

Your spouse/partner can apply for a work permit (full or part-time) before or after they arrive in Canada on your sponsorship. Therefore, working papers will usually be issued for an equivalent length of your time as your study permit. Moreover, you will need a Canada student visa as well as a Canada family visa. Your spouse/partner doesn’t need an employment offer to use for a piece permit. However, in some cases, Canadian visa offices abroad allow the partner’s working papers applications at an equivalent time as your study permit applications. In addition, you will need to include the additional fee. 

●     Work Permits for Spouse

Full-time students with a legitimate Canada study permit or student visa can help their spouse or common-law partner apply for open working papers. However, open working papers will enable the spouse or common-law partner of the international student to figure and is typically valid for the whole length of the student’s study permit. To be eligible for this program, the scholar must be studying full-time and have a legitimate study permit at:

1. A public post-secondary institution

2. A private post-secondary institution that functions under equal regulations and rules as a public institution with half amount of funding from government donations

3. A private institution licensed by regional statute to grant degrees. 

●     Canada’s Immigration Policy (CHILDREN) 

Suppose a child meets the definition of a dependent, and therefore the parent meets the wants to be a sponsor. In that case, the parent can apply for the kid to become a Canadian permanent resident. 

All sponsors must comply with provisions for the essential needs of the kid. They need to sign an undertaking, agreeing to supply support to their child once they become permanent residents and repay any supplementary benefit payments received by the kid during the amount of the undertaking. The same rules apply to the spouse. Contact our Canada Immigration Consultants for a better understanding.

●     Rules for The Minor

You can sponsor your dependent child if he/she is in pre-school or primary or secondary level with a Canada study permit. But for that, you or your spouse must have the Canadian PR. Once the kid reaches the age of majority in their province, however, he or she must apply for a study permit or Canada student visa to continue his or her studies in Canada. This application can be completed from inside Canada with the help of immigration agents.  When applying from outside Canada, you’ll get to apply for your child’s study permit at a Canadian overseas visa office.

Know the Application Process

An international student may bring his or her dependents to Canada in one of two ways:

1. One possible way is for the scholar and dependent relations to submit their Canada student visa or Canada family visa applications concurrently. 

2. Another option is for the scholar to attend until he/she has received a study permit, then submit applications for their accompanying dependents.

When applying for a Canada student visa, information must be provided for all relations accompanying the scholar to Canada. For his or her application to be approved, the scholar and his or her family will need to demonstrate that they need sufficient funds to support their stay in Canada. In addition, applicants could also be required to undergo a checkup and submit Police Clearance Certificates. Our Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai can help you with this procedure. Depending on the applicants’ country of citizenship, a short-lived Resident Visa (TRV) could also be required additionally to any study or work permits.

How to bring family members to Canada? 

1. Get the application package:

Check the documents of the person you want to sponsor and fill out the Canadian Visa application with correct details in the relative fields.

2. Pay your application fees:

While you are sponsoring your family, you have to pay for biometrics free, as well as the right of permanent residence fee.

3. Submit your application:

You can use the courier service to submit your application and track it online. 

With our Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai, you can complete the application filling without any mistake. 

Wrapping up!

Canada’s commitment to family unification means international students and their families have the chance to experience Canadian life together. Whether it’s for a couple of months or several years, international students will enjoy the company of their dear ones in a foreign land. It is only possible that the Canadian Government has established generous laws that allow international students and workers to remain on the brink of their families and feel welcome in their new home. 

So if you plan to bring your family with you to Canada, know your eligibility for getting a Canada Family visa by completing our free online assessment. Our Canada Immigration Consultants will contact you soon to discuss the procedures in detail. 

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