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How Canadians can sponsor their spouse from abroad

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Canada is a perfect place to live and work. Many couples apply to live and work in Canada every year via Family Visa Canada. However, Canadians can also invite their spouse, common-law partners, conjugal partners, or dependent children to Canada.

There are many Canadians who are looking to move back to Canada with their spouse. However, now they can start their sponsorship process to invite their spouses from anywhere in the world.

Most of the time, it is necessary for the Canadians to be in Canada to sponsor their spouses or common-law partner for Canadian PR. Well, it is not always necessary for the sponsor to be in Canada.

Canadians Can Sponsor their Spouse While Staying Abroad

According to the recent announcement by IRCC, Canadians can start the process to sponsor their spouses. However, Canadians who are living outside Canada at the moment can also sponsor their spouses or common-law partners.

Moreover, the sponsors will need to prove that they will move back to Canada once their sponsored family member gets Canadian PR. However, they will need to prove that they will come back to Canada depending upon their circumstances. They will also need to explain why they want to return.

However, if a couple wants to move to Canada to work, they will need to show their employment confirmation with their sponsorship application. Moreover, if they are looking for schools or daycares, they will also need to submit documents. These documents will support their search purpose.

Moreover, if a couple purchases a home, they can also send in the land title. However, they can also show their communications with realtors. Every individual case will be different, and the final result will depend on the visa officer. Visa officers will review every file to give the verdict.

However, Canadian PR holders can sponsor their spouse while staying in Canada. Only the people who are having Canadian citizenship status can start the spousal sponsorship process while staying abroad.

Canada is still processing the applications for spousal sponsorship during the coronavirus pandemic. Recently, the Immigration Minister of Canada announced that country is working to process 49,000 applications in 2020.

According to the new immigration levels plan, 80,000 spouses, partners, and children will get sponsorship every year for the next three years. Moreover, IRCC is planning to process new spousal sponsorship applications in 12 months.

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Outland vs. Inland Sponsorship

Canada has introduced two different sponsorship programs. However, spouses and common-law partners can now apply for Canadian immigration through Inland Sponsorship or Outland Sponsorship.

Moreover, Canadians who are living outside Canada can now sponsor their partner through the outland stream. However, both of the partners should intend to move to Canada in order to apply for this stream.

Once applicants are in Canada, they can apply for outland or inland sponsorship. However, the applicants who applied for inland sponsorship will get an open work permit. They can work anywhere in Canada while waiting for their application to get final approval.

Moreover, they will need to have a valid temporary status. It can be a visitor’s visa to get their work permit.

However, immediate family members are exempt from travel restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic. Immediate family members can get Family Visa Canada during the pandemic. They will not need an essential reason to come to Canada. However, they will need to stay for at least 15 days and complete the mandatory quarantine requirement.

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