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Which nationalities want to move to Canada?

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Moving to Canada is a dream comes true for many because of the plentiful opportunities that Canada offers. However, Canada offers numerous opportunities to learn, earn, and grow. It is one of the few countries that offer immigrants the same privileges as it does to its citizens. Every year, thousands of people immigrate to Canada through Express Entry Visa Canada.

One of the significant benefits of immigrating to Canada is that it gives you the right to work and live at any location of your choice within the country. Canada offers many social benefits to its permanent citizens. However, free public school education for children and state healthcare facilities for immediate family members.

Immigrants can move to Canada along with their families. The family includes parents, grandparents, children, and they can also visit their home country whenever they want to.

The Canadian Government also offers financial help for those who face a financial crisis or unemployment. Additionally, couples having children get financial rewards on a time-to-time basis. A person with Canadian PR can sponsor family members for settling in Canada.

A Canadian passport holder can travel to more than 100 countries without getting a visitor visa. However, an immigrant who gets settled in Canada can diversify his business to the USA under NAFTA.

Which Nationalities Want to Move to Canada

Every year, thousands of people apply for Canadian immigration from all over the world. People use various immigration streams like Express Entry Visa Canada, Provincial Nominee Program, Canada Start-Up Visa, Canada Family Visa, Canadian Student Visa, and more to apply for Canadian immigration.

Remitly has shared a new study about popular destinations among immigrants. However, according to the report, Canada is the most popular destination among immigrants. The study has analyzed the search volume of phrases regarding moving abroad and immigration. This study showed the comparison between 100 countries.

Canada is on top of the list with a whopping 30 countries who wish to move to the North American nation. However, Japan is in second place, with only 13 countries interested in moving to Japan.

Spain was in third place, followed by Germany, Qatar, and Australia. Moreover, The United States was in ninth place.  

More people are showing their interest in moving to Canada because of its facilities and opportunities. Canada offers free education and free universal healthcare. Moreover, Canada is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. Therefore, it is understandable why people are showing more interest in Canadian immigration.

List of Countries Want to Move to Canada

Countries in Asia that are showing interest in Canadian immigration are the following:

  • Pakistan
  • India
  • Azerbaijan
  • Qatar

It is no surprise to see India on this list. In Canada, there are around a quarter of Indian nationals among all immigrants to Canada.

However, Germany was the first choice between European countries, and Canada was the second choice. Following countries are showing interest in moving to Canada:

  • France
  • Belgium
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland

Moreover, among North American nations, there were around 8 countries that are showing interest in moving to Canada:

  • Bahamas
  • Antigua and Barbuda
  • Belize
  • Barbados
  • Grenada
  • Dominican Republic
  • Mexico
  • Jamaica

However, people from the continent of Africa are showing more interest in moving to Canada. There is a total of 13 countries from Africa. Check the list below:

  • Ghana
  • Botswana
  • Kenya
  • Mauritius
  • Madagascar
  • Nigeria
  • Seychelles
  • Namibia
  • Tanzania
  • Zambia
  • South Africa
  • Tunisia
  • Zimbabwe

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How Remitly Found the Results

In order to conduct the studies, Remitly made use of Google search data to know the monthly search volume. Moreover, they gathered information about every country in the world regarding terms that would likely be used by those who wish to immigrate to other countries. However, it is not essential to note that Remitly considered search data in different languages.

After performing the search results analysis, they found that Canada is popular among people who want to move abroad. The most searched destination shows the interest of people regarding that country.

Moreover, Canada offers over 100 different programs and invites thousands of people every year. However, Canada is inviting a record number of successful immigration candidates throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The immigration system of Canada is essential for the economic recovery of the country after the pandemic.

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