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Visa Application Centers are re-opening in India

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Canada is home to nearly 1.4 million Indians. Canada has a diverse Indo-Canadian community that is actively working in all areas of society. Every year, many Indians move to Canada through Canadian Student Visa, Canada Family Visa, Express Entry Visa Canada, LMIA Work Permit in Canada, Provincial Nominee Program, and more.

In the 2016 census, Canada did a head-count of everyone living in the country. According to the census, 670,000 Indian citizens were living as permanent residents or naturalized Canadian citizens. Since then, more than 200,000 Indians have obtained PR status, and according to recent data, there are almost 220,000 Indian international students living in Canada today.

There are many temporary work permit holders from India, and many of them will get PR status. However, the Indian community in Canada has a total population nearly equal to Ottawa’s capital city.

All indications show that the Indo-Canadian community in Canada will grow more in the coming years.

India and Canada enjoy a close relationship. Both countries believe that education is key to success, and each year many students from India move to Canada through Canadian Student Visa. Many immigrants also apply for Express Entry Visa Canada. Life in Canada is instead a culture shock for newcomers to Canada.

The Importance of Network While Job Searching

However, moving to a new country can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. While moving to Canada via Express Entry Visa Canada, your first step could be finding a job right away. However, meeting new people and building a network can be helpful for your transition to a new life in Canada.

Simple things that you can do to build a network are by joining a professional organization, volunteering or even knowing your neighbors can help your path to find a job.

There are numerous online resources, including private and public, to make your job search easy. You can find work-related information and look for jobs on government websites to browse opportunities. Canadian job search websites like Jobboom, Indeed, and many more can be helpful for you to find a perfect job.

These websites update their listings on a regular basis. It can be beneficial to check back frequently and build an online profile to make your application process easy.

Visa Application Centers Re-Opening in India

The Canadian Government has announced that its Visa Application Centers (VACs) will resume their services in India from tomorrow, on November 20, 2020.

According to a new tweet, the government announced that it would start scheduling the appointments. VACs will now begin to schedule limited biometric appointments in Delhi, Mumbai, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Bengaluru, and Ahmedabad. However, priority will be given to family class applicants and international students.

Resuming biometrics is the last hurdle remaining for Indians who want to travel to Canada. However, the applicants had to wait due to Coronavirus travel restrictions.

However, Canada uplift travel restrictions for international students on October 20. Indian students who were unable to submit their biometric before could not travel to Canada. However, the same was the case with skilled workers and family-class immigrants excluded from the travel restrictions.

VACs will enable services in India from tomorrow, and people will be able to submit their biometrics. It includes the people who are exempt from Canada’s travel restrictions. Applicants can now complete their immigration application processes to support their arrival to Canada.

The government further tweeted that walk-in clients will not be entertained at VACs. However, applicants will need to book appointments in advance. Applicants will be able to visit their VAC after getting an appointment.

Biometric Instructions Letter

IRCC has issued a unique Biometric Instructions Letter for the candidates. However, instructions will be sent to the registered email IDs of candidates. Candidates will get the information about how to schedule the biometric appointment.

The government concluded that more appointments would slowly become available every week as it phases in services. By far, India is the leading source of immigrants and international students for Canada.

Canada invited nearly 85,000 immigrants from India in 2019. However, it was one-quarter of the total 341,000 new PR holders admitted by Canada.

220,000 international students were invited by Canada last year. However, this number is nearly one-third of the total 640,000 international students in Canada in 2019.

Biometrics are usually necessary for foreign nationals who are looking to get a visitor visa, work permit, study permit, permanent residence, Express Entry Visa Canada, a visitor’s record, refugee or asylum seekers, or those how are looking to extend their work or study permit.

It is necessary for the candidates to submit their photographs and fingerprints along with a fee. However, fingerprints are essential for the Canadian government to confirm foreign travelers’ identities when they enter the country.

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