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Saskatchewan invites 551 in new PNP draw

Express Entry Saskatchewan

Canada is a vast country. Yeah, it is incredibly huge. Canada is the second-largest country in the world after Russia. However, only 36.71 million people are living in the country. Whereas 66.02 million people live in the U.K., you can get an idea of how much space is available in Canada. To fill this space, Canada invites immigrants from all parts of the world under different immigration streams. You can move to Canada by applying for Canada Family Visa, Canadian Student Visa, Express Entry Visa Canada, LMIA Work Permit in Canada, Provincial Nominee Program, Canada Start-Up Visa, and more.

Canada invites immigrants under multiple immigration streams. However, people in Canada are welcoming, and they welcome new immigrants with open arms. Canada is a vast country with less population than required. Therefore, immigrants from all over the world are coming to Canada every year to fill these empty spaces.

Saskatchewan Invited 551 New Applicants

On November 19, the government of Saskatchewan held a new lucky draw to invite more applicants.

The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) sent invitations to candidates who applied for the International Skilled Worker category under two subcategories: Occupation In-Demand, and Express Entry System.

In this draw, invitations were sent to a total of 551 immigration candidates. However, the selected candidates had work experience in certain occupations.

In order to be invited in this draw, candidates that fall under both sub-categories had to submit their EOI profiles. These profiles were needed to be submitted with SINP. This draw was different from the previous draw because the score requirement was slightly different for each category.

There was a total of 214 Express Entry Candidates in this draw. However, the candidates needed at least a 78 EOI score to get invitations. Moreover, this is the provincial requirement but not the CRS cutoff. Invitations are sent to the candidates having Educational Credential Assessments as well as work experience in 1 of 56 occupations.

You can take a look at the list of occupations on the official government webpage.

Occupations In-Demand

There was a total of 337 candidates who received invitations under the Occupation In-Demand sub-category. However, they also needed Educational Credential Assessments to get an invitation. The total number of occupations in this draw was 75.

The SINP makes use of the EOI system to choose the potential candidates. Candidates should have the potential to succeed in the regional labor market. However, candidates will need to demonstrate their commitment to settling in Saskatchewan by demonstrating their work experience, language ability, education, age, and Saskatchewan connections.

These five factors are fundamentals to evaluate candidates. SINP considers these five factors and then gives candidates a score out of 100. After evaluating the candidates, the province issue ITAs to candidates. Candidates can apply for a provincial nomination in Saskatchewan after receiving their ITAs.

Express Entry Visa Canada Sub-Category

Saskatchewan issued a total of 214 invitations in the recent invitation round. However, invitations were sent to the candidates who had profiles in the Federal Express Entry Pool.

This system is responsible for managing the pool of candidates for three major economic-class immigration program of Canada:

  • Skilled Worker Program
  • Canadian Express Class
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

The candidates who applied for the Federal Express Entry Pool and filled out an EOI for Saskatchewan and securing 78 score on the SINP’s Points Assessment Grid may have received invitations in the latest draw.

Those candidates who apply for Express Entry Visa Canada and receive a provincial nomination from Saskatchewan will get an additional 600 points CRS score. This award can be a game-changer for candidates looking to get ITA for permanent residence. Such candidates surely receive ITA in a coming Federal Express Entry draw. However, it is because most invitation rounds select the candidates having scored more than 470.

The same rule goes for any other Provincial Nominee Program in Canada aligned with Express Entry.

Occupations In-Demand Sub-Category

This sub-category is open for the immigration candidates who don’t have a federal Express Entry profile. This program is specifically for the people who are looking for immigration to Canada for work. Candidates having work experience in occupations that have labor shortages in Saskatchewan are ideal for this program.

In this recent draw, there was a total of 337 candidates who received invitations under this program. However, candidates who apply under this sub-category also need a minimum score of 80 to get invitations.

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