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Interest in Canadian immigration increased between April and August 2020

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Canada has an excellent reputation for being one of the friendliest places on earth to live. However, not only that, but it is also famous as one of the safest places to live. If you are looking for the advantages of moving or immigrating to Canada, you don’t need to look very far. Every year, Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants from all over the world. People migrate to Canada under Canada Family Visa, Canada Self-employed Immigrant Visa, Canada Start-Up Visa, Canada Student Visa, Express Entry Visa Canada, LMIA Work Permit in Canada, Province Nominee Program, and other immigration programs.

So why is Canada so famous among immigrants? Why so many refugees and migrants find it one of the most attractive countries in the world to work and live?

Canada is an ideal country for people who want to live in a place having clean air, excellent living standards, and safety is a priority. Canada offers it all for its residents. It is a safe place to live, for the people having strong ambition and values.

Increased Interest in Canadian Immigration in 2020

More are more people looking to immigrate to Canada despite the pandemic. However, the virus has affected the world badly, but people still love to move to Canada to live or work.

According to the latest survey conducted by World Education Services (WES) on how the coronavirus pandemic has changed people’s intentions to immigrate.

The survey was conducted among thousands of potential Canadian immigrants who applied for WES evaluations between January 2019 and July 2020. Overall, there were 27,930 valid responses evaluated for this report.

According to the report, there are three key findings: the increased interest of people for immigration in Canada between April and August. The number of potential immigrants increased during this time.

However, at the same time, the number of people planning to delay immigration decreased much. Moreover, the potential immigrants expect that economic conditions in their home country are worse than in Canada.

This report is the third report of its kind since the pandemic has started. The first report was about people’s attitude towards Canadian immigration during the first wave height in April. The second report was conducted in June to analyze the comparable data. However, the recent report is about the attitude of people regarding Canadian immigration in August.

One of the most popular immigration programs that people opt for is Express Entry Visa Canada. Every year many people come to Canada through this program to live and work in Canada. Other popular immigration programs are Canadian Student Visa and LMIA Work Permit in Canada.

Respondents of Survey

The purpose of the survey was to know about the responses from people who belong to different countries. However, 46% of respondents were from India, and 17% of them were from Nigeria. Moreover, 5% of them were from the Philippines, and 4% belong to Pakistan. The ratio of citizens from Bangladesh and Lebanon is 2% each. Rest 25% of potential respondents were from other countries.

Conclusions of this survey are based on the random sampling used to conduct this survey. WES collected the data from August 17 to 26, 2020, to perform the survey.

Respondents Assume more Negative Economic Condition in Their Home Country

According to insights from the previous reports and recent reports by WES, respondents think their countries have more chances of adverse economic conditions than Canada. However, only 56% of respondents believe that Canada will see adverse economic conditions. But 80% of respondents predicted their gloomy economy in their home country.

This report is helpful to see a clearer difference in expectations for Canada and home countries of respondents. We can see clearly that people are more willing to move to Canada during the pandemic. Respondents think that Canada is safer than their home countries.

Respondents believe that Canada’s economy is promising than their home countries. This is one of the main reasons why people love to study or work in Canada.

COVID-19 & Job Availability Rate

According to the survey, respondents believe that COVID-19 has negatively affected jobs’ availability in their field of work. The virus has affected the job availability rate worldwide, and Canada is also on this list.

The reports show that jobs have been affected dramatically by COVID-19 from April to August. The negative impact of jobs was 47% in April and 60% in August. The expectations of Canada’s adverse effects have increased from 41% to 44% from April to August.

Potential Immigrants More Interested in Moving to Canada

Every year, immigrants from different parts of the world move to Canada through Express Entry Visa Canada. During the coronavirus crisis, the ratio of potential respondents willing to immigrate to Canada increase to 46%. However, it was 38% in April. There are some respondents who reported that the pandemic did not affect their interest.

Moreover, the number of less interested respondents remained the same between June and August at 6%.

Interest Remains the Same Despite Economic Hardships

The interest in Canadian immigration remains the same for many people who are facing a financial crisis. However, many responders who are facing hardships to pay the costs of immigration are still interested.

According to the three surveys, many respondents face difficulties in paying immigration costs due to COVID-19. Still, there are 53% of respondents who are still showing interest in immigrating to Canada.

Philippines Respondents are More Interested in Canadian Immigration

There were nearly 71% of respondents from the Philippines who are showing interest in Canadian immigration. The ratio of the Philippines is more than any other country who are interested in Canadian Permanent Residency.

There were no more than 10% of respondents from any top source country reported that they have less or no interest in moving to Canada. The top source countries on the list are the Philippines, the U.S., Nigeria, China, Pakistan, the U.K., India, and France.

Moreover, respondents from France are 68% who reported that the pandemic did not affect their immigration plans.

Economic Recession, Fewer Jobs, and Travel Restrictions are Major Restrictions

People showing less interest in Canadian immigration showed concern about fewer jobs in their field of work, economic recession, and travel restrictions in Canada.

The number of respondents who showed concern about contracting COVID-19 in transit to Canada has decreased. There were 45% of respondents in April, and which dropped to 38% in August.

There was a little change for people who showed concern about decreased jobs, travel restrictions, and economic recessions as a significant reason for their less interest. The ratio of such people remained roughly between 42% to 44% among all three surveys.

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