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Express Entry: CRS drops to 469

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Canada is a beautiful place to live. Moreover, Canada is a safe country for families to live in. You can have a feeling of safety and togetherness in the suburban streets of Canada. However, there are many community events like barbecues and festivals catering to families with kids. Every year, thousands of people relocate to Canada through Express Entry Visa Canada.

Canada offers outdoor playing, education, eating out, places to visit, future opportunities, and a positive environment.

Moreover, during the summer, it is possible to live most of your life outside in Canada. People love to host BBQs, Sporting Events, Hikes, and Picnics are top on the list of outdoor activities. You can do these activities for free or very cheaply. Most Canadian children spend their time playing outside.

The people of Canada are friendly and welcoming, which is why it is ranked #1 in the world of tolerance.

Moreover, Canada is famous as one of the most open-minded countries around the world. Canada allowed same-sex marriage back in 2005. However, other countries are only now ushering it in! Canada is the best place to immigrate. There are many migrants and Canadians who are welcoming regardless of your race, gender, or culture.

Express Entry CRS Drops

This year, the cutoff score for Express Entry Visa Canada has dropped below 470. However, this is for the first time in an all-program draw.

According to the recent draw held on November 25, candidates needed a minimum CRS score of at least 469. A total of 5,000 invitations are issued to candidates under Express Entry System. It is the largest number of ITAs issued in a single draw ever.

Express Entry System is an application management system in Canada. However, this system processes applicants for three federal economic-class programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

Candidates who apply under these programs, as well as some Provincial Nominee Programs, get a CRS score. Candidates get points on the basis of their age, work experience, education, and language ability in French or English.

Invitation to Apply

The ITAs are issued to the highest-scoring candidates. The government issues invitations to candidates for Canadian PR in an Express Entry invitation round.

Canada has issued ITAs to a large number of candidates in 2020. After the recent draw, the total number of ITAs has reached 97,350. This year is going to set a new record for Express Entry. The total number of ITAs issued in 2020 is the highest that ever before. However, the previous Express Entry draw invited 5,000 candidates and pushed the number of invitations issued this year more than the previous years.

Canada is issuing a large number of ITAs to fulfill its commitment to welcoming 400,000 new immigration in 2021. However, most of them will come through the Express Entry Visa Canada.

If there is a tie between candidates, IRCC will apply the tie-breaking rule. However, for this draw, candidates with 469 or more candidates needed to submit their profile for Express Entry before October 15, 2020, at 08:50:10 to get an invitation.

CRS Requirement

The CRS requirement has typically hovered above 470 this year for all program draws. However, the Federal Skilled Trades Program was the only draw that happened on August 6 and invited trade workers having a CRS score of 415. The previous Canadian Experience Class draws also dropped into the 440s.

PNP draws having higher score requirements. It is mainly because candidates of Express Entry who receive a provincial nomination get additional 600 CRS points. PNP offers alternative pathways to get Canadian PR for Express Entry candidates having a lower CRS score.

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