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Canadian immigration options for Hong Kong residents

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Every year thousands of people apply for Canada through Express Entry Visa Canada. Whether you are moving to Canada from China, Saudi Arabia, or South Africa, you’ll indeed find locals from your home country in Canada. You can join significant ex-pat communities that will make you feel at home for real soon. You can find restaurants offering cuisines from your home country in Canada too. Other cultures heavily influence Canada due to its popularity among immigrants worldwide.

Canada Announced Immigration Measures for Canadians in Hong Kong

Recently, Canada has announced new immigration measures for assisting Hong Kong residents and Canadians living in Hong Kong. The Canadian government has announced new plans for attracting youth and students from Hong Kong. The government is offering an opportunity for obtaining a new work permit that leads to Canadian PR.

Additionally, the government has also improved the existing immigration program for Hong Kong nations to stay in Canada. However, these improvements will also help people who want to start planning for their arrival in Canada once the COVID-19 travel restrictions are finally lifted.

New Pathways for Hong Kong Youth

The government will soon launch a new program. This program will help Hong Kong residents in Canada or abroad to apply for an open work permit. However, eligible candidates should have graduated from post-secondary institutions within the last five years.

This work permit will be valid for at least three years, and it will immensely help Hong Kong residents and youth to come to Canada and get valuable work experience.

Canada is planning to launch two new pathways in 2021. Moreover, these pathways will be helpful for Hong Kong residents in Canada to get permanent resident status.

The first pathway will be helpful for Hong Kong residents who comply with the minimum eligibility criteria of language and education. However, the candidates will also need to show their Canadian work experience.

Moreover, the government will also accelerate the study permit application for eligible Hong Kong youth who are willing to study in Canada. After completing their studies in Canada, students can apply for Canadian PR. However, these students can directly apply for PR via the second pathway.

These new programs will be helpful for applicants to include their spouses, partners, and dependent children. Applicants can sponsor their families who are residing in the country as part of their application.

New Measures for Hong Kong Residents

Many Hong Kong residents are living in Canada. The government has announced a waive-off application processing fee for Hong Kong residents seeking an extension.

The Government of Canada is also working to increase its promotion and efforts for recruiting Hong Kong youth to study in Canada. The government suspended the processing of International Experience Canada applications due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The government is now planning to resume the processing of IEC applications for Hong Kong youth.

Hong Kong is one of the countries that are having a Working Holiday Agreement with Canada. This agreement is helpful for Hong Kong residents to work for any Canadian employer. However, individuals having job offers can travel to Canada, even during travel restrictions.

Finally, Canada has also assigned resources to accelerate applying for Canadian PR, including family sponsorships. This process will be helpful for applicants who are applying from Hong Kong.

Canadian Economic-class Immigration Programs

Express Entry Visa Canada is the most famous pathway for Canadian permanent residence. This program ranks eligible applicants on their CRS scores. The candidates get CRS points according to human capital factors. However, top-scoring applicants get an invitation to apply for PR.

The candidates get CRS points according to their age, education, work experience, language skills, and other factors. The applicants from Hong Kong can get priority for immigrating to Canada via Express Entry Visa Canada. The Hong Kong residents will get priority due to their high level of education and English language skills. Both are precious factors for the CRS.

Another popular immigration program is the “Provincial Nominee Program.” Canada is planning to invite more than 240,000 immigrants via this program by 2023.

Family Sponsorship

Canada gives priority to the families of immigrants. One of the leading immigration priorities of Canada is family reunification. There is numerous immigration program in Canada that helps candidates to sponsor a family for coming to Canada.

Canadians can sponsor their spouses or partners who are living in Canada or abroad. They can also sponsor children or other dependents via family sponsorship.

Canada allows Canadians to sponsor their parents and grandparents for PR. Canada is aiming to accept 30,000 applications under the Parents and Grandparents Program next year.

IEC Working Holiday Program

Every year, Canada brings tens of thousands of people worldwide under the International Experience Class to work in Canada. Canada welcomes immigrants from 30 countries from all over the world.

Hong Kong is among the countries that share the Working Holiday Agreement with Canada. This agreement helps Hong Kong residents to come and work in Canada. However, they can change workplaces and jobs once they arrive in Canada.

In order to be eligible for this immigration channel, the applicants must be between 18 to 35 years of age. However, Canada offers a limited quota for this program.


Hong Kong is facing a declining situation nowadays. However, Canada has implemented a 12-months waiver on the pre-removal risk assessment rule for Hong Kong residents. With the help of this exemption, some people who were ineligible before are now eligible. These people can apply for another assessment before being removed from Canada.

Generally, refugee claimants who are rejected can’t reapply for at least one year from the decision date.

Additionally, Hone Kong residents who are at the risk of torture and fled to another country can also be eligible. They can apply under existing resettlement programs of Canada. These programs can be the Government’s Refugee Assistance Program or Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program.

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