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Canada extends travel restrictions into the new year

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Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants from different countries worldwide under several immigration programs like Express Entry Visa Canada, Canada Family Visa, Canadian Student Visa, Canada Start-up Visa, Canada Provincial Nomination Program, and many other Canadian immigration streams.

However, Canada imposed travel restrictions for international travelers to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Many international students and immigrants are suffering from these restrictions. Canada has also suffered a lot due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Canada Extending Travel Restrictions

Recently, Canada has extended its travel restrictions. However, travel restrictions for international travelers coming to Canada will remain until January 21. Canadian border will remain closed for foreign nationals who are coming to Canada for a non-discretionary and non-optional reason.

However, any travelers coming to Canada for reasons like tourism, recreation, or entertainment will refuse to enter. Border officials will not allow any such travelers to enter Canada.

The government is extending the date to align travel restrictions imposed on U.S. travelers. This announcement was made in a media release. Moreover, current travel restrictions for U.S. travelers will remain until December 21. According to the current situation, the government may extend the restrictions further.

Exceptions to Travel

Canada is also changing its order and planning an agenda to consider applications for high-performance amateur sports organizations. Any organizations that are looking to hold International Single Sports Events can get permission from the government.

Moreover, it will be necessary for the applicants to include written commitments of ongoing support from regional governments to get consideration. However, applicants will also need to show a solid plan for protecting public health. They will also need to ensure the health of the participants.

Additionally, the government will release more information regarding this plan on the Department of Canadian Heritage’s official website.

Canada has already offered exemptions for some candidates, such as:

  • Canadian citizens holding PR and Dual citizenships
  • Specific people having approval for Canadian PR
  • Certain temporary foreign workers
  • Specific international students
  • An immediate family member of Canadians
  • Protected persons
  • People traveling to Canada for compassionate reasons
  • Anyone else who is falling under the exemptions that are available on the official government website.

Canada imposed travel restrictions from March 18 to June 30 to prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, they have been extended every month after that.

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Ease in Travel Restrictions

Canada eased its travel restrictions in October for the students and extended family members.

However, the federal government also allowed people who are coming to Canada for a compassionate reason, like:

  • Meeting a loved one during the final moments of life.
  • To provide support or care for someone who is sick.
  • For providing medical support to someone who needs it.
  • To attend a funeral or last rites of a person.

Moreover, people who are coming to Canada for compassionate reasons will need to fill out an application before coming to Canada. This application will give them release from the mandatory 14 days quarantine.

However, people who are traveling to Alberta can also get an early release from the quarantine.

Moreover, there are some other exemptions for 14-day quarantine:

  • Crew members
  • People received an invitation from the health minister to help against COVID-19 and other healthcare workers.
  • Members of visiting forces who need to join the work.
  • People who are coming to get medical services within 36 hours of their arrival.
  • Those who are coming to Canada in a trans-border community.

The new order council provides details about people who can enter Canada under several circumstances. Moreover, the final decision will be made by the Canadian border services officers.

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