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BC PNP invites 76 in new tech draw

British Columbia Immigration PNP

Being one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces and the favorite tourist spots, British Columbia has so much to offer. It offers natural beauty and some of the most exciting cities in the world. It has a population of around 4.5 million people, and it welcomes immigrants every year through Express Entry Visa Canada and Canada Provincial Nominee Program. However, most of the residents of this province live in Vancouver and the capital city, Victoria. Let’s take a more in-depth look at life in British Columbia.

Where is British Columbia?

It lies along the Pacific Northwest coast of Canada. Moreover, British Columbia covers around 944,735 km², and it has approximately 27,200 kilometers of the rugged coastline as well as thousands of small islands. However, this province’s 75% area is mountainous and dense in many places and 2/3rd of the province remaining undeveloped and underpopulated.

It has varied climates, and you can expect to find rain forests along the coast, mild weather in the interior, and sub-arctic winters further north.

Cost of living in British Columbia

The cost of living differs according to your choice of living. If you live in rural areas or the major cities, the province has the highest living cost in Canada. However, it also offers some of the most excellent schools and complete healthcare cover at the government’s expense. Moreover, the average cost of a home in B.C. is around $632,000.


British Columbia has so much undeveloped land but is a popular destination for the film industry. It is a popular destination due to its vast areas free of roads, power-lines, fences, or any other modern features that can spoil the shoot.

In North America, British Columbia has the third-largest film industry. This film industry comes right after Hollywood and New York, and it is famous as “Hollywood North.”

Overall, this province has an abundance of natural resources. The most profitable industries in B.C. are fishing, agriculture, and mining. It has a strong and growing economy and many job opportunities in manufacturing, construction, and education.


British Columbia has so much to offer. This province is famous for providing quality education. Many research-based universities are offering world-class educational opportunities. It has some of the finest learning institutions in the world.

The province currently has 25 publicly-funded post-secondary institutions, and 4 of them are research universities, 11 colleges, seven teaching universities, and three provincial schools. However, it also includes one aboriginal college.

Every year many international students apply for a Canadian Student Visa to study in Canada. B.C. invites many students and immigrants to work or study in Canada. This province is a dream destination for many immigrants and students.

B.C. Invites 76 New Under Tech Draw

Every year thousands of immigrants for moving to British Columbia. B.C. invites candidates through a lucky draw. In a recent draw held on November 17, 76 immigration candidates received an invitation to apply for a provincial nomination for PR.

Invitations to candidates are issued to candidates for British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. However, the government has issued invitations for two streams, including Skills Immigration Stream and Express Entry Visa Canada.

The candidates who received the invitations applied for International Graduate, Skilled Worker, and Entry-Level and Semi-Skilled subcategories. The government issued invitations under the BC PNP Tech Pilot. The candidates should have job offers in eligible tech occupation to receive their nomination.

However, the minimum requirement of the score for successful candidates was 80 in all categories. B.C. holds draws every week under two categories for Provincial Nominee Program.

How to Apply

In order to apply for the Express Entry Visa Canada or Skills Immigration, categories candidates need to create a profile on BC PNP’s online portal. They need to register their details under the Skills Immigration Registration System.

The officials will evaluate candidates, and they will give a score for various factors. However, these factors include work experience, education, proficiency in English, and employment location.

Once an applicant gets approval, they will need to use their provincial nomination to apply for PR with IRCC under the PNP.

The nominated candidates for British Columbia will get additional 600 points for their Express Entry CRS score. Such individuals will surely get an Invitation to Apply in a future federal Express Entry draw.

B.C. PNP Tech Pilot

B.C. issues invitations to candidates every week under its Tech Pilot. However, it is a fast-track immigration process for experienced IT workers and international students. This program falls under the existing provincial immigration stream of British Columbia.

If you want to move to B.C. under this program, you need to get a valid job offer in any of these 29 eligible occupations.

Eligible occupations that fall under the BC PNP Tech Pilot are civil engineers, computer and information systems managers, web designers and developers, audio and video recording technicians, translators, and many others.

Tech Pilot is an ideal stream among other BC PNP streams. For other streams, you need a job offer of permanent employment. However, for this stream, you need to have a job offer for a minimum of one year. Offers of work having a duration of more than a year are still eligible to apply for this pilot. However, it is also essential that the job offer be full-time and from any eligible employer in the province.

Candidates who received the invitations to apply for a provincial nomination have 30 days to submit a complete application.

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