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A report says that the economy of the U.S. has lost $100B due to immigration ban imposed by Trump

Express Entry Immigration

As stated by a report, stopping the immigration process amid the pandemic has been costly for the U.S. economy. However, many of the Americans are now trying to find the best ways to get Express Entry Visa Canada.

American president Donald Trump signed an Executive Order for limiting the number of employment-based visas, on 22nd October, and so the U.S. will issue the visas for the remaining 2020. The H-1B, H-2B, J and L categories come under the employment-based visas. According to Trump’s administration, this Executive order will save the jobs of many U.S. residents during this pandemic.

According to the new survey conducted by the Brookings Institute, a leading research institute of the U.S. As an outcome of this administrative decision, U.S.  has lost $100 billion. This further led to the consequences in which only 200,000 fewer immigrants and their dependents were able to come to the U.S. in 2020.

When Brookings compared the values of Fortune 500 companies, before and after the Executive order, found that the market value of the companies, who were following the order, declined by $100 billion.

But there is one thing that the market value of these Fortune 500 companies was volatile during this pandemic. The fall in these market values doesn’t mean that they have lost $100 billion. The Fortune 500 companies are likely to recover these figures after the pandemic.

This survey shows the importance of immigration for the U.S. economy. As immigration has been of such importance, Canada is aiming for 340,000 new residents every year. Due to Canada’s open immigration system and similarities economically and socially, recently more immigrants are entering the U.S.

How will the residents and citizens of the U.S. immigrate to Canada?

There are 100 merit-based streams for immigration for the skilled workers of the U.S. who want their permanent residency in Canada.

The applicants of immigration are assessed based on:

  • Age
  • Education
  • English skills
  • Work experience
  • Any family ties in Canada

And also based on criteria like,

  • If they studied or worked in Canada
  • And if they have any pre-arranged employment.

For succeeding under Canada’s immigration system you need not have a job offer. Residents and citizens of the U.S. mostly prefer to immigrate as skilled workers through Express Entry Visa Canada.

Express Entry Visa Canada

For skilled workers, the main application management system of Canada is Express Entry Visa.

Express Entry Visa Canada draws held by Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), once in every two weeks.

The invitations received by those who have high scores, to apply for the permanent residency.

IRCC processes the applications of your permanent residency within six months or less, once you have submitted your application.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is the second-best system to immigrate to Canada from the U.S. as a skilled worker, after the Express Entry Visa Canada system.

All the provinces and territories of Canada use PNP to accept immigrants according to the needs in their labour market. The applicants can directly apply for a particular province or territory’s PNP. If you get a nomination certificate then you have to go to IRCC and submit your permanent residence application.

The best option is submitting an Express Entry profile, once you are eligible for Express Entry Visa Canada. Along with consideration by IRCC, the provinces and territories can also send you invitations to apply for their PNP, according to their job needs. Then you can use the nomination certificate for getting additional 600 points in Express Entry Visa Canada which ensures your entry through Express Entry.

In these 100 merit immigration programs of Canada, also comes the Quebec Immigration system and also pathways for self-employed business immigrants.

            Check your eligibility for Express Entry

Options of Work Permit for the residents and citizens of the U.S.

There are two categories of work permits in Canada.

A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) required by some work permits.

This LMIA used by Canada to determine how much those foreign workers will impact Canada’s labour market. Few jobs want an LMIA mandate that the Canadian Employers submit an LMIA application to the Canadian government. Your LMIA application will be only get approval when the government will find that your hiring is not hurting any Canadian employer.

An LMIA is not required by most of the foreign workers. An LMIA is not required to work in Canada when your job in the U.S. is enlisted under the provisions of the USMCA (the United States Canada Mexico Agreement). The agreement is known as “CUSMA” and often called “NAFTA”.

The other relevant option for most of the U.S. residents and citizens in Canada’s Global Talent Stream, since 2017. The GTS gives priority to the technically talented applicants who want to immigrate to Canada. Even if an LMIA is necessary, the reviewing of your application takes around one month for the Canadian government.Contact Best Immigration Consultants For More details for Canadian PNP

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