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How quickly the Express entry immigrants got involved in the labour market: Survey

Express Entry Immigration

Recently, Refugee and Citizenship Canada and IRCC formed a survey report on international refugees. It shows how the international candidates immigrated through Express Entry Canada Visa. Since the last three years from 2015 to 2018. It has also analysed how these immigrants have got jobs in the labour market of Canada. After that, the study compared the results of the people who immigrated through the Express Entry system. With those who have immigrated through the process involving paper-based applications. Many Canada immigration consultants follow these survey results to get a better view of the current situation. 

In the study they found that all the applicants have immigrated through the Federal skilled worker program (FSWP). Federal skilled trades program (FSTP), Canadian Experience Class (CEC), or a developed Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

The online Express Entry Canada Visa system immigrants saw positive results after the online system in 2015. Even though express entry migrants got the results in the short term. IRCC state that this system was realiable to give them results in the long term. One of the reasons might be the Canadian Express visa requirements which are responsible for their eligibility.

International Labourers Migration

They saw that the international labourers who immigrated through the online express entry system benefited more than those who came through the paper-based non-express system. In the first year of immigration, it was seen that 95% of the immigrants of express entry were employed. Whereas 87 percent of non-express entry got the job in the same interval of time. Out of that 95% of express entries, almost 83% of immigrants were doing the jobs in the professional fields.

While comparing the percentage of employment of immigrants categorically. Express entries were always the highest to be employed in the province of Canada. FSWP and CEC immigrants observed a higher rate of employment when they applied through the express entry system. Here, below are some of the results of the survey.

In the above graph, you can see how the employment percentage is higher through Canada Express Entry (EE) as compared to non-Express Entry. And also, the EE most of the immigrants have been recruited in high scale. And professional jobs as compared to the non-EE applicants.

Canadian Express Visa Requirements

In the survey, the observation was that within the one year of employment the Express Entry immigrants were earning 20% more than those of non-Express entry applicants. This may be because of the quality asked in the Canadian Express Visa Requirements. Even it was seen that these Express entry immigrants are earning $10,200 more than those of people who were born in Canada, on average.

CEC and FSTP were only those who were doing wonders. Because the non-EE immigrants of these categories started earning more after their first year of employment. When IRCC looked into it, they observed that the earnings were different for different occupations, age, education, gender, and many other factors.

Non-Express Entry immigrants Began their Career in lower-skilled jobs with Improvements

All those who immigrated from both EE and non-EE saw good progress in terms of their income. Non-Express Entry immigrants were getting more advanced in their career, provided that they started with low skilled jobs, in the province of Canada.

Almost more than one-third of the people responding to the survey stated that they were not in the same field of a job as they were when they had arrived in Canada. About 41 per cent of non-Express Entry immigrants changed their job as compared to Express immigrants. Only 36 percent of EE immigrants had changed their jobs.

Among those who changed their jobs, 34 percent of non-Express entry immigrants told that they were now working in a higher level of National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill level, as compared to those of Express Entry immigrants whose percentage was just 24. Also, among the Express Entry immigrants. Those who changed their jobs were more likely within the same skill level of NOC. 

Canada Immigration Consultants

The Non-Express entry applicants observed to be starting their job which was in either C or D level of NOC. Hence according to the report that ‘those Non-Entry applicants who start working in low-level jobs were having more growth in their job level, compare to the Express Entry immigrants’.  These observations and the trends are noted and well analyzed by our Canada immigration consultants. So, it is always necessary to consult a licensed consultant whenever you want to apply for the process of immigration. About 83 percent of Express Entry and 85 percent of non-Express Entry immigrants were working at a higher level as compared to their first job, during the survey. To get immigration through Express entry visa and to see eligibility, contact our immigration agents right away.

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