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Express Entry: Another 5,000 invited in new draw

Express Entry Immigration

Canada is a perfect place to live and work. Every year, thousands of immigrants move to Canada through Express Entry Program Canada. You can feel closer to your home in Canada as it accommodates people from different backgrounds.

Moreover, the country is also a perfect place for overseas skilled workers. It offers affordable housing, a diverse economy, and an employee-friendly environment. Express Entry is known as the fastest immigration program if you are seeking Canadian PR.

However, Express Entry is an online system. It is helpful for the immigration process and makes immigration user-friendly. Thus, it encourages skilled workers to get PR benefits. However, people who want to get PR will have to submit their applications initially.

The process usually takes a processing time of 6 months or less. It is an ideal program for those who are professional and having work experience. The Canadian government introduced this program back in 2015, and it is one of the most popular programs now.

Canada Invited 5,000 Immigration Candidates

Canadian government held its recent Express Entry draw on December 9, 2020. However, the government sent invitations to 5,000 immigration candidates in this draw. Candidates received invitations to apply for permanent residence.

However, invited candidates needed a CRS score of at least 469 to get invitations. Canada’s immigration program suffered a lot due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the country is trying to compensate for the loss by inviting more immigrants.

In the previous draw, the total number of issued invitations was 5,000, and it was the biggest in history. However, the government has again issued 5,000 invitations in the recent draw. After the recent draw, the total number of ITAs issued this year reached 102,350. This number is the highest in the history of Canadian immigration.

Express Entry Program Canada is an application management system. However, this program handles applications for three federal economic-class programs:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian Experience Class

Candidates who apply for this program and some Provincial Nominee Programs get a score based on their CRS. However, candidates get points according to the human capital factors like age, education, work experience, and language ability.

However, the candidates having highest-scoring get ITA. ITA can be helpful to apply for Canadian PR.

Highest Number of ITAs

The number of ITAs issued to date is the highest in Canadian history. However, Canada has surpassed its ITA target on November 18 when a record-breaking 5,000 ITAs were issued. Moreover, it is for the first where the number of ITAs issued has surpassed 100,000.

A large number of ITAs are due to the Canadian government’s commitment to welcome 400,000 new immigrants in 2021. However, most of them are getting invitations through the Express Entry Program Canada.

Tie-Breaking Rule

When there is a tie between candidates, IRCC makes use of the tie-breaking rule.            Therefore, for this draw, candidates with a CRS score of 469 or more will need to submit their Express Entry profile before June 4, 2020, at 22:26:05 UTC, to get an invitation.

It happened for the second time in a row that the CRS score has dipped to 469. Typically, the requirements of the CRS score remained above 470 for all program draws. However, the Federal Skilled Trades Program was the only draw that happened on August 6 and invited trade workers having a CRS score of 415. The previous Canadian Experience Class draws also dropped into the 440s.

PNP draws having higher score requirements. It is mainly because candidates of Express Entry who receive a provincial nomination get additional 600 CRS points. PNP offers alternative pathways to get Canadian PR for Express Entry candidates having a lower CRS score.

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