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Canada should stay updated regarding immigration

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Canada is soon going to do an announcement which will take care of its economy for many upcoming years. Hopefully, Canada will soon offer its Express Entry program for the people who are looking to move to Canada.

Within Friday, the immigration minister Marco Mendicino is going to declare the policies to reveal their new Immigration levels plan. It will tell us the number of immigrants it is aiming to admit in the year of 2021.

This announcement is generally standard fare.

From the late-1980s, the liberal and conservative governments of Canada have slowly increased the number of intakes of immigrants to the country. The reason is very simple. The immigrants are covering up the country’s decreasing economy and have maintained the rate due to the deaths and their aging population and low birth rate also.

In 2020 nothing has been standard fare. This pandemic will result in a decrease in the intake of immigrants from 341,000, in 2021.

Generally one will think that it is not important to target the number of immigrants next year. As the country’s borders have been closed to stop the spread of the coronavirus. And Canada is having a very weak economy and high levels of unemployment.

But for this, minimising the intake of immigrants will result in their country’s fate. This is because of the following reasons.

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The number of newcomers required is not reduced due to the pandemic. There are over 9 million jobs where there will be a vacancy by 2030 and in which immigrants will help them cover those empty spots. Because Canada’s birth rate is very slow to do this by itself.

They will need an advanced set of technology to cover up their labour requirement. But to make this technology also they will need skilled Canadians along with skilled immigrants. The increased unemployment of Canada due to the pandemic can only be minimised by the help of these technologies.

The need for immigration now is much more than it used to be previously.

If a baby bust happens it will weaken the economy further.

Now, the debt is increasing, taken by the government due to the virus, which surely needs to be clear by the upcoming generations.

Therefore, accepting more immigrants to the country will be vital as they will help to grow the economy in the time of a post-pandemic situation.

Few may object to the fact because of the high unemployment.

It is also the fact that unemployment will reduce as the new immigrants will spend the money to settle down in the country.

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The job opportunities will increase as soon as the pandemic is over. The recovery for the post-pandemic situation should start right away. Before the pandemic, Canada was having the lowest unemployment despite the birth rate being low and many were aging. Gradually the unemployment will reduce and Canada will need the immigrants to fill the vacancies.

Another thing is that a survey by the IRCC department shows that the new immigrants migrated lately are performing extraordinarily in the labour market. As we are welcoming the best among the best we should not worry about how these immigrants will be fruitful for the country.

But, in the end, the priority will be the health safety of the people of Canada. This will remain the main objective given that whatever may be the plan that will be announced by the IRCC. The target will not mean that Canada will still welcome the new immigrants even if the pandemic continues in the next year too. Canada will only accept the to-be Canadians physically when the health condition will be safe even with the entry of the new immigrants.

Before pandemic immigration played a great role in Canada’s fiscal health and economy and it is believed that it will still be important even after the pandemic is over. It will be wise of the Canadian government if it is staying on course with immigration. To announce the targets in 2021 will be the best decision.Contact Best Canadian Immigration Consultants for Fast Visa Processing

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