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New online portal expedites permanent residence landings

Express Entry Immigration

Every year thousands of immigrants move to Canada. Canada offers numerous immigration streams for those who want to live and work in Canada. However, Express Entry Canada is a popular stream among immigrants.

Canada invites thousands of immigrants every year under the Express Entry Canada stream. However, the situation was different for immigrants in 2020. Canada imposed travel restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Recently, IRCC has announced that Canada will now confirm permanent resident status without conducting in-person interviews. However, a new online portal will be used in most cases. The immigration department will now conduct interviews online through this portal.

The implementation of this new portal is a part of a coronavirus measure. Canada has introduced this new online portal to avoid the spread of coronavirus. Marco Mendicino, immigration minister of Canada, has said that the new process is quite useful. This system will reduce the time it takes to land new permanent residents.

Purpose of Online Portal

New permanent residents can now share their personal information with IRCC through the online portal. With the help of this new portal, new permanent residents will easily submit their information with IRCC. This portal will be helpful to save time.

New permanent residents can also make use of this portal to declare that they are in Canada. However, they will need to confirm their address, submit a recent photo that can be used to make their PR card. Moreover, they will also get access to their proof of permanent resident status.

The purpose of this portal isn’t to check the status of an application. However, this new portal is separate from the IRCC secure account, and here applicants can submit and update their information.

Each person will need to create an individual profile on this portal. Each family member will need their own username and password. Moreover, representatives are unable to access the portal on behalf of any user.

In October, IRCC issued invitations for the applicants to test this new system. This portal was developed by Deloitte, a multinational professional services company having headquarters in Canada.

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How the Portal Works

Once an applicant gets approval for an immigration application, IRCC will send an invitation to confirm whether an applicant wants to use the portal. However, IRCC will send an invitation to all email addresses for each person on the application.

Moreover, IRCC will create an account for the user. Only IRCC has the authority to create a user account, and nobody can create an account itself.

Once they receive a response to their invitation, they will send another email. This email will have the link to the portal and instructions on how to sign in. You can log in to your account with the username and temporary password provided in the email.

However, you can change your password after signing in to your account. You need to confirm that you are living in Canada, upload your photo, and update your postal address.

Afterward, IRCC will review and accept the photo of a user. You can check the portal to see if the immigration department has accepted it. Once they accept your photo, you will get your PR card within a week. The immigration department will mail the PR card to the mailing address that you provided in the portal.

Moreover, your photos should comply with IRCC requirements. The immigration department can return or reject your photos if they are too dark. You need to ensure that you have submitted photos with visible facial features or no glare on the photo.

IRCC will contact you in case there are any problems with your PR card process.

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