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Nova Scotia sets stage for economic recovery with increased levels of immigration

Canada is a perfect destination for those who want to work and live in a peaceful and prosperous place. The country is known for its friendly environment and opportunities to grow. Every year, thousands of people move to Canada via Express Entry Canada. In 2020, the province of Nova Scotia approved an increasing number of […]

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Canada’s population growth slows to a standstill following reduced immigration in 2020

The population growth rate in Canada stood still in the third quarter of 2020. The timeline for the third quarter was between July 1 and September 30, 2020. However, the net increase in the overall population of the country was 2,767 people. It is mainly due to the effect of COVID-19 on Canadian immigration. Canada […]

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Which Newfoundland and Labrador occupations are exempt from labor market testing?

Newfoundland and Labrador are famous for being very friendly. However, most people in this province are popular due to their unique language, creativity, and being warm and welcoming. However, the province is located on the edge of North America, and the population of this area is somewhat isolated from the rest of Canada. Moreover, the […]

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Nova Scotia invites Express Entry candidates in new draw

Nova Scotia offers an excellent quality of life, and it’s second to none. It offers many opportunities for its residents. Nova Scotia welcomes many immigrants under Express Entry Visa Canada every year from different parts of the world. Nova Scotia has everything to offer to its residents. Whether you prefer coastal cliffs and sandy beaches, […]

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provincial nominee program

Canada’s PNP immigration results in November 2020

Provincial Nominee Program of Canada is one of its popular streams. Canada started this program back in 1998. This program invited around 200 people to Canada for the first time. But now, this program is quite famous among immigrants worldwide. Moreover, this program now supports the intake of around 80,000 new permanent residents every year. […]

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Canada Province Nomination program

Canada Province Nomination Program: Best Canadian Provinces to Get the Easiest Migration

Canada has always been the most sought-after place among immigration seekers. Its booming economy and refined culture offer promising opportunities to young skilled workers. Canada Province Nomination Program has made the migration process much easier for the foreign candidates. This program offers diverse financial, infrastructural, social, educational. Medical, professional and cultural privileges to job aspirants, young investors […]

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