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International Students can Find Exceptional Job Opportunities with These Three Best Study Programs in Canada

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In the last seven years, immigration to Canada has ranked no.1 in the world. Now the question arises why is Canada the most preferred destination for job and education? The answer lies in the quality it offers, and it is famous as the land of opportunities. It provides the best quality of education and livelihood. In fact, it is also famous as a hub of opportunities and business. There are so many study programs which are offered. All you need to do is get a Canadian student visa and Canadian study permit if you are a student.

Canada has numerous immigration programs for skilled and professionally trained people. If anyone wants to live in Canada, you must consult for an immigration visa from our Canadian student visa consultants in Dubai to get a Canadian student visa and study permit. 

Canada has always been the epitome of excellence in world-class educational facilities. Most of the skilled workers look forward to migrating to Canada. This is one of the primary reasons why students from UAE want to move to Canada. It is a land of opportunities for both foreign and national students. However, migrating from Dubai to Canada is not an easy task; you might need a lawyer who can guide you to get through this complicated process. Therefore, you must consult a  Canada student visa consultants in Dubai and get your Canadian student permit along with Canadian student visa ready.

Most Demanded Jobs in Canada

If you plan to get a Canadian study permit, you must go through Randstad’s list. Every year, Randstad publishes a list of best study programs for international students in Canada. Now you must be wondering what Randstad is? Randstad is a Job/ Recruitment Consultancy that helps the lakhs of students in volunteering services. It is one of the biggest human resources corporations in Canada. So they must have done extensive research before saying anything to you. They will provide you with rankings that are most reliable and can be trusted. So, if you don’t want your Canadian student visa to get wasted, go through this article carefully. We will provide you with a list of jobs that are student-friendly. Here’s a list of few study programs mostly opted for:-

●     Accountant 

If you are pursuing an accountancy course to get a job in Canada, you are in the correct place. Canada, the hub of all businesses. Every business needs an accountant to keep track of their payments and their revenues. The purpose is to make sure that all employees get their payments on time. Hence, they can occupy various positions in an organization. They can be involved with multiple programs. Below is a list of study programs which they can pursue:-

1. Business Administration Diploma – 2 to 3 years

2. Bachelor of Commerce in Finance & Accounting(B.Comm) – 4 years

3. Master’s of Accounting (MAcc) – 1 to 3 years

Our Canada Immigration Consultants believe that the better and higher your education is, the more likely you will land in a better job. Hence, higher will be their earning. Many accountants in Canada pursue Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), which is considered the gold standard. 

●     Engineering Project Manager

An Engineering Project Manager aims to ensure that the construction projects are done on time with efficiency and safety. Hence, it requires experience as well as a higher level of education to work efficiently. So, it means one needs to have a Canadian study permit and Canadian student visa to ensure that they get admission to Canada’s top colleges. This will ultimately direct them to better placements. Here’s a list of courses which can help you to pursue the desired degree:-

1. Bachelor of Engineering (BEng ) -4 to 5 years

2. Master of Engineering ( MEng)- 2to 3 years

3. Master of Business Administration(MBA) – 1 to 3 years

If you haven’t done engineering, then the first thing you need to obtain your bachelor’s degree. Gain experience as an engineer. They can then pursue a master’s degree in engineering or get an MBA focused on Project Management. All engineers in Canada must get (P.Eng) in whichever province they are working. Thinking about which job could be the best option for you? Let our Canada Immigration Consultants guide you in making the right decision. 

●     Business Analyst

A business analyst is a person who analyzes business data. The sole purpose for them is to bridge the gap between IT and business. They analyze data to assess processes, deliver data, give recommendations, and provide reports to executives and stakeholders as well as guide businesses in improving their products, processes, and services. They are required to analyze and finally resolve business problems using their skills, experience, and technology to help them out. Hence, they need a lot of skills and knowledge. Given below is a list of courses that you can pursue to begin your career in this particular profession:-

1. Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Analytics – 4 years

2. Bachelor focused on Information Systems – 4 years

3. Master of Business Administration with a focus on Business Analytics – 2 years

One can even pursue a degree in business administration to study Business analytics. If you are tech-savvy, then you can go for a degree in computers. But to follow all of this, you need to have a Canadian study permit and Canadian student visa.

Connect With Migrate Now’s Legal Canada Immigration Consultants

So what are you waiting for? Grab the chance without delay! We have suggested some of the best pathways work in Canada. This country has a lot to give. Due to a shortage of skills in their own country, these companies are looking to fill up the vacant places with skilled overseas workers. They have a high demand for skilled workers in the IT sector.

So, all you need to do is to consult our Canadian student visa consultants in Dubai if you are from Dubai and get a Canadian student Visa as well as a Canadian student permit. Make sure you choose a profession that suits your educational background. There is a sea of opportunity waiting for you in Canada! 

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