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Sending kids to school in Canada from the U.S. amid travel restrictions

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Canadian college and university diplomas are recognized throughout the world. The educational system of Canada encourages cross-disciplinary studies as well as transferable skills, and it uses cutting-edge technology and digital media. Many international students want to study in Canada by getting a Canadian Study Permit.

In Canada, children attend kindergarten for at least a year or two during four or five years. However, they will need to participate in the school by choice. After kindergarten, schools are mandatory as of grade one, which tends to be six. However, according to the province, schools can go up to either grade 11 or 12, generally until sixteen.

Every school offers different rules on how to apply. Ensure you apply for your course study early. You need to apply at least six months before primary and secondary schools. However, college and university students need to apply for at least a year before starting their studies.

Sending Kids to Schools from the U.S. to Canada

U.S. parents who are willing to send their kids to school in Canada will need to check the travel restrictions before. Canada is extending travel restrictions for another month.

Canada has extended its border restrictions for U.S. travelers until September 21. However, these restrictions are imposed weeks after classes are set to start in the country.

This year, U.S. parents face extended processing delays as IRCC works to process a large backlog for Canadian Study Permit applications. However, according to the IRCC webpage, online applications will now take at least 20 weeks for processing.

Generally, eligible students could get their Canadian Study Permit right after landing at a border crossing or the entry port of any airport in Canada. Canada imposed travel restrictions in March 2020. However, it is allowed to travel to Canada for any discretionary or optional reason. It includes traveling to ports of entry to make an immigration application.

U.S. Students Can Still Enter Canada

According to the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), U.S. students who enter Canada can still get their permits immediately at the port of entry. However, they will need to prove that they are coming to Canada for an important reason.

Students who can complete their studies online should remain in their home country. However, it is the responsibility of students to demonstrate that their presence in Canada is necessary.

Traveling to Canada for studying is still discretionary or optional. However, students need to be in the country to complete their studies can enter the country. Such as, U.S. students can get study permits at entry ports if they meet the standard permit application requirements.

However, students will need to show the border services officer their presence is essential in Canada to complete their studies. Students can include a letter from their school, demonstrating that their presence is necessary for the program.

Suitable Quarantine Plan

U.S. students who are coming to Canada will also need to quarantine themselves at least for 14 days. Students will need to demonstrate a suitable quarantine plan to the border officer. However, the final decision will be at the choice of the border officer.

Parents will also need to show critical reason, and their quarantine plan to enter the country.

According to CBSA, parents who are driving their children to Canadian institutions will not be allowed to enter. It is because they are entering Canada for a discretionary or optional reason. However, parents can get approval if they will show a suitable quarantine plan.

The department will review the travel restrictions between Canada and the U.S. within the next month.

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