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Canada’s immigration minister: 56,000 study permits approved in first stage

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Canada is the best place to live, work, and study. Overall, Canada ranks as one of the best countries in the world. Currently, it is the #1 best country for quality of life. Many international students apply for a Canadian Study Visa to get a Canadian Study Permit and study in world-class institutes. By studying in Canada, students can get internationally recognized education from top academics and educators in the world.

56,000 Study Permits Approved in the First Stage

Today, two notable revelations were made by Immigration minister Marco Mendicino. The minister made the revelations during an international student update. He provided this information through a webinar.

According to him, Canada has already issued almost 56,000 Canadian Study Permit approvals in the first stage. Secondly, the minister also confirmed that the federal government and Health Canada are working with designated learning institutions to identify how they can welcome the students to join their campuses physically amid the coronavirus pandemic.

He also said that Minister Patty Hajdu is working to ensure that each DLI met the public health requirements. However, the DLIs will need to comply with the requirements of their territory or province. This approach will be useful to protect the safety and health of international and Canadian Students.

DLIs consist of colleges, universities, and other educational institutions having provincial and federal approval for welcoming international students. However, some DLIs also showed their interest to welcome international students during the pandemic. Due to the current situation created by the pandemic, international students can’t travel to Canada. Canada has implemented travel restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Students Must Quarantine for 14 Days

The discussions between Health Canada, territories, provinces, and DLIs are helpful to identify the potential of DLIs. DLIs will need to create plans for social distancing and quarantine. These plans will help them to welcome international students in the coming months.

According to the law, most travelers will need to quarantine for at least 14 days right after arriving in Canada. Moreover, Canada’s territories and provinces have strict policies for social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Currently, Canada’s case tally for coronavirus has been increasing significantly in the last recent weeks.

In the meantime, Canada has announced several policies and reforms to welcome international students. These reforms will help students to continue their Canadian studies during the pandemic. Among these reforms, Canada also announced a two-step Canadian Study Permit process in the summer to help students continue their studies while staying overseas.

Additionally, international students can also study online while staying overseas. However, they can work in Canada under a Post-Graduation Work Permit after the pandemic is over.

According to the minister, 56,000 international students have granted approvals for study permits so far in the first stage. This indicates that IRCC has provided a permit to students after reviewing every student’s letter of acceptance. However, a letter of acceptance can be obtained from a DLI.

Students also needed to show their proof of funds that can be helpful to support themselves and their studies.

Students Can Travel Canada

Once the students are able to travel to Canada, they will need to complete their medical examination. However, the immigration department will check for their criminal background as well as biometric to get approval. The department will check these things to approve their study permit.

Mendicino gave these remarks during a webinar hosted by the Canadian International Council. This organization brings Canadians together to explore foreign affairs issues. The immigration minister also confirmed Canada’s future commitment to welcome immigrants, global talent, and international students. He further said that he strongly believes that immigration will play an essential role in the Canadian economy. Immigration has already played a significant role in stabilizing the Canadian economy.

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