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Five Reasons why International Students Are Choosing Canada For Abroad Education!


When you think about college life, you feel it should be a place of seriousness and fun. So, if you get an acceptance letter from one of the colleges in Canada, don’t you think your work is done? No, apart from packing and booking tickets, a Canadian Student Visa is a significant part. Yes, because 30% of all the applications are refused every year. Why does that happen? It’s because if you don’t satisfy the visa officer and if he didn’t find it to be a vital immigrant, then your application for a Canadian Student Visa is a waste. It would take 90 days to receive your Visa or maybe faster, depending on the condition of the place where you stay. 

Canada offers the students English and French as an official language. This place has become a home for many international students pursuing higher education. Again, a Canadian Study permit is a tricky part, but you will lead the best life in this place if that happens. They aren’t that homesick and always feel good and happier while they stay here. The people already staying there are also very helpful to everyone, irrespective of being from outside of their place. 

Migrate Now has a team of reliable Canada Immigration Consultants who offer exceptional guidance to aspiring students. Our Canada Student Visa Consultants In Dubai charge tiny and clear all your doubts while you are about to begin your new life in a foreign land. Another important point comes up for safety purposes. Don’t worry about that as the universities and government take proper care of that part inside the university. Be it healthcare or security, everything here is taken care of. 

The students here can enjoy their freedom whole-heartedly as there are strict protection measures taken by the government concerning equality and human rights.

Five reasons why international students are choosing Canada as their Top Education Destination-

●     Education and Scholarship

Canada has the best colleges opted by international students for their college studies. The first reason comes here, as is its education and scholarship structure. This is one of the significant reasons behind so my students are getting attracted to this place. Once you graduate from a Canadian University, you value this in the US, European Countries, and Australia. To apply for a Canadian Study Permit, contact our Canada Student Visa Consultants In Dubai for better guidance.

There are several benefits provided by the government and universities for the graduation of their students. The high academic excellence and standard education help the students to graduate with happy faces. Moreover, international students can pursue education here at comparatively low fees other than the other colleges worldwide. 

Also, a college can’t just be excellent for low fees. This also provides a better scholarship that would help you reduce the expenses and pursue one of the best educations in such a minimal amount. Well, that sounds great! No matter this place has fewer universities, unlike the US, the education system here won’t just let you be sad.

●     Campus Lifestyle

The next most crucial thing matters here is the campus lifestyle. Just like every university has its events and functions, here also you won’t miss that. The events here help you in mixing up with people from different places and not only from Canada. It enables you to remove all of the stress and pressures of exams, syllabus, projects, and allows you to have fun. Contact our Canada Immigration Consultants to get better guidance in choosing the right academic institution for your abroad study. 

Canada provides various activities that would help you showcase something good at both university and country wise. More importantly, universities here give you free WIFI, journals, magazines, newspapers, etc. even if you aren’t from this place, that’s not a matter of issue. You will enjoy many different things in this place would love it. 

●     Employment Opportunity

Not able to manage your expenses? Here’s the third most fantastic thing. The universities allow you to work part-time (20 hours/week) and earn money to manage your expenses. The place has amazing part-time jobs, like tutoring, working in hotels, hostels, general labour, etc. 

Once you graduate, you get vast opportunities in the field of technical domain. If you have the ability and knowledge, you might even get your dream job here. International students can get a job quickly in comparison to the rest. Not only Canadian Student Visa, but our immigration agents can also help candidates get part-time job opportunities in Canada. Get help now!

●     Affordability and Expenses 

The major question arises while studying abroad is the cost there. Well, international students have to pay more than the students staying there. For instance- US costs $24,914 USD, Australia costs $24,081 USD and UK costs $21,365 USD. 

Apart from the tuition fees, a larger part comes into the scene with housing and expenses. Getting a Canadian study permit should be easy enough as the average cost per year in comparison to the other places all over the world. In 2013, the average cost for a year was $13,021. When you compare the total amount and give it a look, this is affordable, no doubt. Let our Canada Immigration Consultants plan a reasonable expense budget for your living in Canada. 

●     Research Values

The universities here give scholarships to students who have good research ideas and research works. Students can do research in whichever field they want to. They get massive support from the professors at the university. If an idea pitched by you attracts people, the cost of your research is handled by the universities. Many researchers and scholars of higher education are being drawn towards their knowledge in various disciplines. 


The place has significant values and cultures and notes that they do the same to others, along with their traditions and customs. Due to different people here, everyone gets to know each other’s languages, values, traditions, etc. and gets exposure. The students here can also get a work visa along with their Canadian Student Visa. 

After completing graduation, students can work here for two years. Once they complete a year, they then become the permanent members here. Canada is one of the best places in comparison to the UN for the past eight years. To see your eligibility for the approval of a Canadian Study Permit, complete a free online assessment at our website, and one of our Canada Immigration Consultants will reach out to you informing about the status! 

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