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The determination to study in a foreign land is itself a significant life decision by a student. The endeavour of starting a new life in a foreign land can be really overwhelming as well as exciting. Availing our Best Immigration Services In Dubai can ease down your migration anxieties with proper planning and student counselling. Honestly, situations of a foreign land like Canada can not be predicted before-hand. However, student must be well-equipped and prepared to tackle unexpected situations. The whole process of study migration to Canada not only includes obtaining Canadian Student Visa and the proper documentation. However, it also requires a student to learn and embrace a new culture to get merge with the social setting.

Being the largest country of North America, Canada is the homeland to three territories and ten provinces. In terms of territorial latitude, Canada secures its position as the second-largest country in the world. Canada offers the best and easy immigration-friendly policies. Thus, it has become one of the most highly-considered destinations for international immigration spots. At present, Canada is one of the top international study destinations and there has been an increase in student enrollment by 119%. If you are thinking of pursuing your studies in Canada, taking  help from the experts of Best Canada Immigration agency in Dubai is a great idea. Here are 5 important documents that you need:

1. An Acceptance Letter from DLI

Getting an acceptance letter from the Designated Learning Institution (DLI) is as important as getting a Canadian Student Visa to study in Canada. The school of DLI is sanctioned by the provincial government of Canada and its approval is necessary to host international students. All primary and secondary Canadian educational institutions are recognised as DLIs, however, not all post-secondary schools in Canada are DLIs. Regardless of where you want to pursue your studies, be it CEGEP or a Canadian University or Vocational School or College, you must have an Acceptance Letter from DLI. This letter serves as the acceptance proof in the form of a Canadian Study Permit application. In case, you don’t have this important letter, our Best Immigration Services In Dubai can help you out!

2. A Study Permit

Canadian Study Permit plays the most significant role of granting the legal authorization for aspiring students. It is very important if you want to opt for study at a DLI in Canada for more than half a year. There are two types of form requirements. The study-permit holders must meet these eligibility requirements throughout the whole process. To get the Canadian Study Permit, essential items like proof of sufficient funds, an acceptance letter, and supporting documentation of the respected country are necessary.

In order to meet the Canadian Student Visa requirements, the international student must have the enrollment at a DLI and must abide by the specified terms and & conditions of the study permit. When the permit expires its due date, an International student needs to leave Canada. It is a suggestion that aspirants should apply for a Canadian Study Permit in advance. However, it is a time-consuming process and it should be done flawlessly.

You need to know that different Canadian DLIs demand different application deadlines. So, it is better to avoid the last-minute hustle and make proper arrangements in advance. By availing the Best Immigration Services In Dubai. You will get guidance by expert consultants to become fully prepared for the visa interview. Under professional guidance, you will comprehend the various period processing of your application. 

3. Proof of Identity

For all international students studying in Canada, having a valid piece of government-issued identification is very important. This identity proof is vital to get approval for the country-return for international candidates. Your passport is the solid identity proof. However, make sure your passport is not expire for its six-month duration. We are the reliable provider of Best Immigration Services In Dubai. However, our experts are right here to help you with all passport and other documentation issues.

4. Proof of Funds

International candidates must show a valid proof of fund to get the Canadian study permit. This proof of fund is an important show that the candidates and the accompanying family members are having sufficient resources to sustain a living in Canada. The amount of sufficient funds must include the calculation of living expenses and tuition costs. However, if you are opting for Quebec province, keep in mind that this proof of funds is different from Canadian proof of funds. For better clarification contact with our Immigration agents.

5. Health Coverage

In Canada, all citizens are insured under universal healthcare provision. The provincial governments of Canada regulate and control these programs. The basic and preventive healthcare services are under by the provincial healthcare system. It also includes emergency care as well. It is mandatory that every international student in Canada must have health insurance while pursuing an education in Canada. Our Immigration agents can help you to get the insurance of the provincial healthcare plans.

Many universities in Canada offer health insurance plans through academic institutions. The expense of this provision is according to the student tuition fees. If you want to get a comprehensive idea of the whole healthcare plans for Canadiana students, contact our Canada Immigration Consultants now!

Let us help you! So if you aspire to study in Canada for better academic exposure, now it is the best time to place the application. The high standard of Canadian Education system can put you in outstanding qualification status and you can also pass the express entry pool for PR in future. If you face any difficulty or confusion to proceed with the formalities of Canadian Student Visa, connect with our Canada Immigration Consultants now! You can also know about your eligibility by completing a free assessment at the website. Our executive will get in touch with you shortly!

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