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Canada is now sending work and study permits by mail


Canada offers wide-ranging benefits for international students to study and work in Canada. Due to Canada’s wide-ranging benefits and globally known higher education system, it attracts many international students from around the globe through a Canadian Student Visa.

Canada is a hotspot for international students, including Dubai. Many international students prefer Canada over other major potential study abroad destinations such as the UK, the US, and Australia. However, the primary factor contributing to making Canada a favorite study abroad destination is definitely post-graduation visa opportunities and safety factors.

Canadian people are friendly and welcoming. However, the country has a low crime rate, and it offers a high quality of life, including high-class education and healthcare facilities. If you want to study in a country that offers internationally recognized degrees at affordable costs, Canada is the perfect choice for you.

Apply for a Canadian Student Visa from Dubai

You can apply for Canadian Student Visa from Dubai to get a high-level education. However, if you don’t know the process of getting a student visa, you should find Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai. An expert can help you better to process your application and obtain a Canadian Study Permit quickly.

There are many foreign nationals who are willing to study and work in Canada. Many of them have received their approval to work or study in Canada, but they are waiting for their permits. The wait is over, as the Canadian government is all set to send their permit to them via mail.

LOI Holders Can Now Travel to Canada

Some people received their Letter of Introductions, but they could not travel to Canada due to their permits. However, IRCC will soon open its web form for the applicants to receive their requests. According to the new rule, people who received their LOI under the International Experience Canada program are also eligible to apply.

COVID-19 affected the economy and environment of the whole world. Many countries had to implement travel restrictions due to the global pandemic, and Canada was one of them. A larger number of applicants received their Letter of Invitation, but they were unable to travel due to travel restrictions.

Many candidates were approved to study or work in Canada but were unable to receive their permits. However, without a permit, they can’t board their flight. In order to legally start working or studying in Canada, candidates need to have a permit even after the approval.

Moreover, the government has introduced a new process for the applicants to apply. Those applicants who need their permit for work or study can now apply online. However, the government will send those papers via mail. According to IRCC, this new process will be available for the applicants until March 31, 2021.

How the New Process Works?

The process for LOI holders is somewhat different. In order to get their permit, they need to specify whether they are coming to work or study in Canada.

While filling out the Web Form on the official website of IRCC, applicants of study permit will need to write:

A11EXAM: I am requesting an examination and the issuance of my study permit from within Canada. My application number is [S#########]. I have received my letter of introduction, which is valid until [DATE].

My correct contact information in Canada is:

Mailing Address:
Residential Address:

I continue to be accepted at [DLI Name] and will be/am registered in the [Name] Program.

Once you fill out the form, IRCC will receive your application. After this process, officials will take their time to review your application for a study permit. IRCC will verify if the name of your DLI mentioned in the request matches the letter of acceptance.

Furthermore, officials will also ensure if your institution is still offering the program, you have applied for. They will also check if your school is still accepting international students. Finally, they will need to ensure if you have enough funds to sponsor your tuition fees, living expenses, and return home.

Applicants applying for work permit need to follow the following format:

A11EXAM: I am requesting an examination and the issuance of my work permit from within Canada. My application number is [W#########]. I have received my letter of introduction, which is valid until [DATE].

My correct contact information in Canada is:

Mailing Address:
Residential Address:

Moreover, applicants will also need to add one of the following paragraphs in their application. Your letter will need to specify if you are applying for an open work permit or an employer-specific work permit.

Employer-specific work permit

My employer, [name], located at [address], may be contacted at [contact telephone or email] to confirm my continued employment offer. I intend to begin work for this employer as soon as my work permit is received.

Open work permit

I attest that my circumstances remain the same, and I still meet the requirements of the open work permit program I was approved for.

Approval of Permits

The immigration department will look forward to the applications for the approval of permits. They will also check if the employer’s name in the LMIA matches the employer’s name provided by the applicants. Furthermore, they will also check for any concerns or case notes submitted once the approval was issued.

To process your application further, officers of the immigration department will contact the employer for confirmation of the job offer. If necessary, the officers can also contact the applicant to schedule an interview.

For further verification, officers can also look into open-source information for the confirmation of the employer. However, if they find any information that can cause a permit’s refusal, they will surely follow up on the procedural fairness process.

In case of refusal in your study permit, it is necessary for the officers to add case notes. These case notes will indicate why they refused the permit. They will also need to tell the applicant that once the status of their application expires, they should leave Canada. If any foreign national is out of status, the officials will instruct the applicant about the steps necessary to proceed with their application further.

Getting back to the applicants having approval for their work or study permit. Canada will send the documents via mail, and then they will be able to study or work in Canada. Students having Canadian Student Visa can now travel to Canada.

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