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Canada introduces more study and work permit flexibility

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Canada is famous in the world as a land of opportunities, which is why many students apply for a Canadian Student Visa to study in Canada. Many international students prefer Canada as their first choice to study.

According to the United Nations, Canada has ranked as one of the best places in the world to live. Canada’s education system, national income, life expectancy, and general quality of life played an essential role in deciding the status.

Other factors include Canada’s abundance of freshwater, low incidence of violent crime, comfortable population density, and model healthcare system. These are some of the factors that make Canada an excellent choice for international students.

Canada Introduced More Study and Work Permit Flexibility

Recently Canada has announced three significant measures. These measures can be helpful for individuals who wish to pursue Canadian work and education opportunities.

IRCC issued a new press release on its official website. According to this press release, IRCC has introduced three measures on PGWP. These measures are helpful for students who want to pursue Canadian education programs online amid the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Now students can study online while overseas until April 30, 2021. No time will be deducted from the length of their PGWP. However, they will need to complete 50% of their studies while living in Canada.
  • Students who signed up for a program having a length of 8 to 12 months from May to September 2020. These students will be able to complete the whole program while living abroad and still be eligible for a PGWP.
  • Students having enrollment in a program with a start date between May and September 2020. Such students can study online until April 30, 2021. Any students who graduate from multiple eligible programs may also be able to continue their programs while applying for a PGWP. However, they will need to complete 50% of their studies in Canada.

The PGWP is highly desirable among students who want to study in Canada. Once a student completes his eligible program from a Canadian DLI, he/she can get a PGWP for up to three years. However, the ultimate duration of the PGWP is totally upon the length of time he studied in a Canadian DLI.

Work in Canada

PGWP is helpful for international students to work in Canada. These students can work for any Canadian employer. Former students can apply for Canadian permanent residence. However, they will need to get some work experience to improve their Canadian immigration chances.

Having Canadian work experience can help individuals apply for specific immigration programs like the Canadian Experience Class program under Express Entry. It will also be helpful for them to get additional points for CRS.

Many international students cannot travel to Canada due to current travel restrictions imposed due to the pandemic. This can be troublesome for several reasons. However, one such reason is that before the pandemic, distance learning could not count towards PGWP eligibility.

Moreover, this rule changed shortly after the pandemic once IRCC made a series of announcements. These announcements were helpful to enable online learning to count towards PGWP eligibility.

IRCC made a big significant announcement in May. IRCC stated that online learning obtained by December 31, 2020, will get counted when eventually applying for a PGWP. In order to be eligible for the above measures, students will need to apply for a Canadian Study Permit. The application should be submitted before starting a program in the spring/fall/summer 2020 semester. However, you can also apply for the January 2021 semester. Students will ultimately get a Canadian Student Visa and Canadian Study Permit.

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