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Toronto, a city famous for its immigrant habitations who contribute about half of the total population, is the Canadian province of Ontario’s capital city. It is located along the Lake of Ontario’s north-western shore. It is an urban area with breathtaking skylines and various geographical elements as well. English is spoken as the primary language, along with over 160 other languages. According to the 2016 census, their population is around 2.7 million, of which 47% are immigrants. Through the Canadian Province Nomination Program, this place has received many immigrants across the globe.

Why is it such an Attraction?

For the past 10,000 years, people have inhabited this area. This exceptional place is situated in a sloping plateau consisting of rivers, deep ravines, and urban forest. The city has an elevation of 75 metres. Toronto has an urban area of about 1,79,299 km2 and a metro area of about 5,90,571 km2. It has great historical importance, since 1793, during the British rule. It suffered massive damage in the war of 1812 by the American troops. 

Later on, it was well developed, and it has become what we see it today. It is a prominent centre of a motion picture production, theatre, music, television production, and much more. It is also the home to many headquarters of the country’s major broadcast networks and media outlets. This city attracts around 43 million tourists every year. 

It is also an international centre for business and finance. The five largest institutes of Canada are also located in Toronto. Toronto’s Stock Exchange is the world’s seventh-largest stock exchange in terms of market capitalisation. It is home to 20 various public healthcare centres. Our Canada Immigration consultants consider all these factors for leading to such an immigrant attraction. 

How to immigrate to Toronto?

There are various ways to immigrate to Toronto. First of all, let’s talk about the easiest one, ‘Express Entry Visa Canada.’ 

Express Entry Visa Canada

It is an online process that is highly beneficial for the permanent residence of skilled workers. Also the most popular process well known in Canada, which accepts thousands of new immigrants every year. It is also known as the Federal Skilled Worker Program, FSW. It is a process in which you don’t need to be related to Canada in any way. 

Express entry visa Canada uses the CRS scoring system in order to give a score to every immigrant through which each immigrant is ranked against each other. It is based on factors like their age, education, language proficiency, and employment experience. 

Express entry visa Canada is famous for the following reasons:

1. Through this process, we become a permanent Canadian resident, which gives them the right to work anywhere in Canada, as long as they want to.

2. Secondly, it gives us the advantage of bringing our spouse or partner and children under this same process.

You can also talk to Canada immigration consultants, who will provide you with a better idea about the whole process.

Canadian Province Nomination Program

Let’s know how this process works. Canadian Province Nomination Program is a program for those workers who have the skills and education that will contribute to any specific region or province. For those who want to live in a province and want to become a permanent resident of Canada. Each province has its streams, or we can say it targets a certain group of immigrants according to their requirements. For example, a certain province may target groups like:

  • Students
  • Skilled workers
  • Businessmen

The Canada province nominee program is a paper-based process. In the process, you will have to pass the medical exam and a police check to provide you with a certificate. 

In the paper-based process, you have to go through these points:

1. First, you will apply in a province you want to stay through the non-express entry stream.

2. Secondly, you have to meet the requirements of the province you are willing to live in.

3. Lastly, once you are nominated, you have to apply for permanent residence to immigration, refugees, and other aspects to discuss with Canada immigration consultants for better understanding. 

4. As I have mentioned above, you also have to pass the medical exam and police check.

So, this was about the nominee program or PNP, which is another way to be a permanent resident of Canada. As you have seen, the express entry process is way better and easier than the PNP. But for express entry, you need to have certain extreme qualities. So, even if you don’t have these, you need not worry as there is a PNP process. 

Choose Migrate Now! 

It is always good to consult an immigration consultant, as they have good experience and knowledge of these processes. Those who might be wondering who are Canada immigration consultants are those officials who help people apply for these kinds of immigration processes. Always remember to consult those Canada immigration consultants, who must be a member of the immigration consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. You can follow our website for these kinds of information and other types of content. 

To know your eligibility, complete a free online assessment at our website and get expert assistance from our immigration agents.

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