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The PGP 2020 is Going to be Closed by Next Week


The Canadian citizens and the permanent residents of Canada have time until Tuesday to apply for the sponsor form to bring their parents and grandparents to Canada via Canadian Family Visa, in IRCC’s website.

The portal for Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP) opened on 13th October. However, it will close by 3rd November at noon EST.

Through the program of PGP parents and grandparents can obtain the permanent residence of Canada and after that, citizenship.

After the closure of PGP IRCC will organize a lottery where 10,000 lucky they will invite sponsors to submit their application forms.

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How to apply for the process after 3rd November
  1. First, you have to submit an online interest form for sponsorship. While the pool will be conducted you will be considered in it.
  2. Wait till the lottery results come out. Once you are selected in one of the 10,000 lottery winners you will be approached by IRCC.
  3. Now, you have to submit your application to IRCC and then you must pay the application fee to IRCC within the last date, which will be stipulated by IRCC.

Remember, if you are a Quebec resident then you have to bring a selection certificate from the Quebec government in step 3 and submit then you have to submit it to IRCC.


Requirements for Step 1

While submitting your interest regarding the PGP form in step one. You need to prove that you a resident of Canada. And to prove that either you have to show your Canadian passport or the permanent residence card.

Then, you will also have to submit the information of the family along with the members you are willing to sponsor. After submitting you are going to get a confirmation number.

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Income is a crucial attribute in eligibility requirements

Taking into account that either you are a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada, you have to necessarily meet the income requirements.

You have to prove that you are crossing the minimum requirement of income laid down by IRCC to have supported your family over the three tax years of 2020, 2019 and 2018.

Proof of income need not be shown during step one.

In the third step, the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) Notice of Assessment needs to be submitted (NOA) to the IRCC.

IRCC says that it is expecting to receive 10,000 applicants by early 2021. It has to assess your income for 2018, 2019 and 2020. As you are going to get your NOA of 2020 in early 2021, IRCC has allowed you to submit your NOC of 2020 after you submit your application.

The minimum requirements of income are different if you are a resident of Quebec. The list of minimum income requirements for both (outside Quebec and inside Quebec) residents are below.

Also, the interested applicants are required to determine their family size, so that they can confirm they can meet the minimum required income. This will include all those members for whom they are responsible for after becoming a sponsor, like:

  • The sponsor himself
  • Their spouse or common-law partner
  • Children (dependent)
  • Their spouses or partner’s dependent children (if any)
  • Any individual, the sponsor may have sponsored earlier
  • The parents and grandparents, whom they will sponsor along with their dependents,
  • Any dependent who is not coming to Canada with their parents or grandparents
  • Sponsor’s parents or grandparents spouse or partner, even if they are not coming to Canada
  • Their parent’s or grandparent’s separated spouses.
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Apart from the three-year income requirement, the sponsors living in Quebec are also requested to show that they were having sufficient resources from the last 12 months to sustain their family members.

The PGP program of 2021 is going to be three times as that of 2020. IRCC also stated that it is going to invite up to more than 30,000 sponsors next year. So, if you are not in this year’s 10,000, there is a major chance that you will be in that 30,000 for sure.Contact Best Immigration Agents for Better Support

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