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Canada opening border to international students going to coronavirus-ready institutions


Canada is a peaceful country, and it offers quality education, which is why every year, thousands of students apply for a Canadian Study Visa. Canada is a land of opportunities for students, business owners, start-ups, and more. It has a lot to offer for everyone willing to study, live, or work in Canada.

However, Canada closed its borders for international students on March 18, 2020. But, now things have changed, and the government has decided to reopen schools for international students.

International students will get permission to travel to Canada starting from October 20. However, they will need to ensure if their institution has a coronavirus readiness plan. The institutions having approval by the territorial or provincial health authorities will be able to invite international students.

DLIs “Designated Learning Institutions” will send the specifics of their readiness plans to the territorial and provincial governments. Plans should provide details on how the institutions will inform international students regarding their health and travel requirement before arrival.

Furthermore, how they will help with quarantine plans and provide support in acquiring necessities such as medicines and groceries amid quarantine. However, the plans should also organize safety and health protocols if students get affected by a coronavirus.

IRCC will soon release the list of approved DLIs on their webpage.

Students Traveling to Canada

The new measures apply to all international students irrespective of when they received their Canadian Study Visa approval. However, the immigration department also directs travelers not to make any travel plans before they met all the requirements. Students will need all the necessary authorizations to travel to Canada.

Once the new measure gets implementation, the students will be able to travel to Canada. However, they need to be asymptomatic, and they will need all the applicable documents to enter Canada. The students will need to be traveling to Canada for an essential reason.

However, the immediate family members of students can also come to Canada with them. Their reason to travel to Canada should be valid, such as getting established in Canada for supporting the study program of a student.

In such a case, immediate family members can be your spouse, common-law partner, or dependents. However, if the student is under 18, a legal guardian or parent can join.

International students and their family members will need to comply with all public health measures once they arrive in Canada. However, they still need to quarantine for 14 days.

Safety of International Students

Earlier this year, Marco Mendicino (immigration minister) and Patty Hajdu (health minister) started collaborating with territorial and provincial governments and DLIs to safely welcome more international students to Canada. On October 2nd, the ministers announced the new safety measures to safely welcome international students.

However, international students are requesting the federal government to allow exceptions for students. Many of these students are living in countries having limited internet access, and time differences make for unfeasible class times.

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