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Canadian schools reopening to international students


Every year thousands of international students apply for Canadian Study Permit to study in Canada. Canada is famous as the land of opportunities. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools, colleges, and universities were closed worldwide. In such situations, Canada also paused the study visa immigration, but now it seems like things are back on track.

Canadian schools are now opening with coronavirus readiness plans. Now, these schools will start accepting study permit holders as of October 20.

DLIs “Designated Learning Institutions” are now able to accept international students. However, these students will now be able to join schools regardless of the study permit’s date. Basically, DLIs are the government approved colleges, universities, and other educational institutions that are allowed to welcome international students.

Before this announcement, the only international students who can travel to Canada held a valid Canadian Study Permit on March 18, 2020. However, it was the date when Canada implement coronavirus travel restrictions.

Requirements to Enter Canada as a Student

In order to enter Canada as a student, you should comply with these two requirements:

  • A valid study permit or a letter of introduction to show that you received approval for a study permit.
  • Admission in a designated learning institution having a COVID-19 readiness plan approved by its territory or province.
  • You can travel to Canada if you have all of the required documents and your institution on the DLI approved list.

As a student, you won’t get approval to travel to Canada if:

  • Your study program has been suspended or canceled.
  • You are going to Canada for any other reason except studying.

However, students still need to quarantine for at least 14 days upon arrival in Canada. In order to welcome new international students, it is necessary for the DLIs to have a coronavirus reading plan. However, the plan should get approval by their territory or province.

Plans should be able to explain how they will manage the mandatory quarantine period for students. They will also need to demonstrate their arrangements regarding transport to the Student’s quarantine location.

DLIs Support and Information

DLIs also need to provide support and information to international students about getting items they need for quarantine. These items can be food, health insurance, and medicines.

International students can directly contact their school in case of any questions regarding the readiness plan.

Only students who will attend the approved DLIs will get permission to travel to Canada. IRCC says that more institutions will also appear on the list of approved DLIs. You can check the complete list of approved DLIs on IRCC’s webpage. You can also check updates for more institutions on this page. However, Canada will also remove DLIs if they no longer be able to meet territorial or provincial health requirements.  

Students who are not joining an approved DLI will not get permission to board their flight if they try to travel to Canada. However, family members of those students won’t be able to travel to Canada before the students.

Post-secondary Schools Having Approved COVID-19 Readiness Plans

All post-secondary schools are on the DLIs approval list. These schools are open to international students in Quebec. However, the government still recommends the students to check their list.

Moreover, 39 post-secondary schools are open in British Columbia and Alberta. There are 10 schools from Manitoba, 13 from New Brunswick, three from Labrador, and Newfoundland. Additionally, there are 14 schools from Ontario, seven from Saskatchewan, five from Prince Edward Island, and one from the Yukon.

Still, Post-secondary schools from Nunavut, Nova Scotia, or North West Territories are not yet approved to reopen to international students.

Primary and Secondary Schools

Their territory or province sets out primary and secondary schools in Canada that follow the regulations for health.

All primary and secondary schools are going to reopen to international students in Quebec.

All public and private primary and secondary schools from New Brunswick, British Columbia, Prince Edward Island, and Manitoba are going to reopen.

Unfortunately, primary and secondary schools from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Yukon, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and Labrador, North West Territories, and Nunavut will remain closed for international students.

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