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Five Reasons Why Canada is Better Place for Students than US


When it comes to choosing a foreign destination for further studies, international students have to consider multiple factors like quality of education system, study permits, the cultural aspect of a different society and many more. Shockingly, the US is no longer viewed as the first-choice destination by international students. In this regard, mention must be made of the growing popularity of Canada as the highly-preferred study destination. Canada Student Visa Consultants in Dubai receive thousands of application requests for Canadian Study Permit every year. 

In fact, the statistical reports of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars explained that more than 250 prominent American academic institutions have faced a significant decline in receiving applications from multinational learners by 39 per cent in the previous year. On the other hand, there is a huge overflow in applications by international students for Canadian Student Visa.

The University of Toronto, the most distinguished Canadian University has witnessed the increment by 20% in receiving international applications in the last year. Apart from that, other well-known Canadian universities like McMaster University and Wilfrid Laurier University have reported a proliferation of over 30%. In the past, the United States used to be the most popular study-destinations among foreign learners and with the passing time, Canada seems to overtake the position. But why and how this happens? Canada Student Visa Consultants in Dubai considers these following factors to be significantly responsible for such a massive transition-

Obtaining a Canadian Student Visa is Easier

The US Visa Policy is much more complicated than the Canadian Student Visa policy. In the US education scenario, foreign students need to reapply for a visa every year as per the regulations of The Department of Homeland security. On the other hand, the Government of Canada encourages international students to live in the country without aggravation. 

Moreover, the administration of the Trump Government has enforced greater restrictions on foreign students who wish to remain in the US after completing their studies. The method of US visa application is very time-consuming and the process is very complicated. It requires in-depth scrutinization, interviews, inquiries and duration-delays. In contrast, Canadian Study Permit process is very straightforward and quick. If you are seeking expert guidance to fill the form, connect with our Canada Student Visa Consultants in Dubai right away! 

Canadian Lifestyle is Much More Affordable than US

Money is a big factor for international students. So being budget-conscious is nothing to be ashamed of! Staying and studying in the United States is highly expensive in comparison to that of Canada. Our Canada Student Visa Consultants in Dubai believes that although there is no such difference in the quality of lifestyle, (if compared between Canada and US), living in Canada is much more budget-convenient. 

Moreover, foreign students face a lot of troubles while getting a scholarship or financial aid while studying in the United States. On the other hand, Canadian universities offer economic support or scholarships to international students. In Canada, the cost of living is much lower than the US. Thus, students can also afford the tuition costs. So this clearly suggests that international students are largely opting for Canadian Student Visa instead of the US. 

Canada is Safer and Sustains Multi-Cultural Tolerance Ambiance

After the advent of Donald Trump as the US president, the world has changed its views about the United States. Trump’s viewpoint about outsiders and particularly, his racial criticism is an essential factor that is influencing international pupils to overlook the US as their ideal destination for higher education. Racism and Bigotry are promoted by the US government and it makes the US an unfavourable place to live, especially for international students. 

While the whole world is busy in spreading hatred, the multi-cultural ambiance of Canada welcomes international students whole-heartedly. The Canadian Government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has loosened the tight restrictions and regulations. However, international students can now get easy Canadian Student Visa approval. This convivial aspect of Canada is one of the reasons behind the remarkable surge in applications from international learners. Unlike the US, Canada is free from cultural-hatred, religious intolerance, toxic racism and other cultural and social stigmas that can ruin the communal peace for migrants, especially international students. 

Life of International is Made Easy with Cordial Canadian Policy 

In contrast to confrontational U.S. policy towards foreigners, Canada strives to welcome international students by offering maximum convenience along with the fast approval for Canadian Study Permit. By 2022, it has been decided that 450,000 International students will get approval by the Canadian Government.

 At present, there are nearly 353000 international students who are currently pursuing their degrees in Canada. Even if the international student’s arrival is under 1% of the total Canadian population. The infiltration of foreign students in Canada has been increased by 92% over the past years. On the other hand, the growth of International student arrival in the US has been very slow ever since 2009.

 This huge difference in number certainly demonstrates why Canada is a better option than the US when it comes to the pursuance of International Education. The cordial Canadian International Student Policy undoubtedly has eased the struggle of migration for foreign aspirants. To know more about these policies, contact our best Canada Student Visa Consultants in Dubai.

Canada Offers Best Employment Opportunities

More than half of the International learners in Canada eventually seek permanent residence after completing their studies, says Canadian International Education bureau. Canada allows international students with a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) to join professional sectors after completing graduation. 

In contrast, this type of privilege is not provided by the US government. Getting employment organically in the US after completing graduation is very difficult unless the student get sponsorship through an influential medium. The federal govt. of US impose such restrictions to maintain their local employment unaffected. 

While in Canada, PGWP helps international students to explore their field of expertise. This professional experience eventually provides a higher possibility to get a permanent residence. So if you are having a vocational exposure of working in Canadian provinces. Contact our Canada Student Visa Consultants in Dubai to get along with your further formalities for the provincial nominee program. 

Wrapping up! So, these are the apparent reasons that justify Canada to be the better option than the US. Therefore, if you aspire to pursue your higher education in Canada. Contact our reliable Canada Student Visa Consultants in Dubai for receiving expert guidance to startOur adept consultants will help you out in completing the procedures of Canadian Student Visa without a mistake. By connecting with us, you will get your Canadian Study Permit quickly. However, you will also get proper counselling and migration training at affordable rates. Start with our free online assessment, one of our executives will be in touch with you shortly for further discussion.

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