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Immigrating to Canada? Know The Federal and Provincial Options for Entrepreneurs!


The Canadian immigration Entrepreneur Program is designed to attract experienced and qualified entrepreneurs who intend to own and deal with a business in Canada. This Canada Province Nomination Program aims to grow the Canadian economy by creating fresh job opportunities for Canadian citizens as well as International immigrants with PR permits. Several immigration programs are available to business, venture and entrepreneur candidates to apply for admission to Canada.

As per the federal Laws, Canada business immigration programs provide applicants with a trail to permanent residence. Applicants can also purchase a suitable business and apply for a work permit below the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). Let’s discuss the programs:-

Canada Province Nomination Program

Canada’s provinces and territories have PR programs, called Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNPs). However, some PNPs are specifically for entrepreneurs. They are extraordinary which needs permission. If someone is gets a PNP proposal. Moreover, it can be used to obtain a work permit to work in Canada. Eventually PR status and it also coordinates the data accordingly.

To use a specific entrepreneur PNP, international immigrants need a Canada Start-Up Visa. Again, the applicant has to stay in Canada for 3-5 years. To get the visa, the international businessmen must operate a qualifying business in that province. In addition, a complete business plan is usually necessary. Every PNP entrepreneur program has its own set of qualification standards; generally, each program requires the following:

  • The applicant must have the required knowledge in the particular field he’s applying to.
  • However, the applicant should have the required net worth, legally obtained. Therefore, it will need to be established by an accounting firm selected by the province.
  • The applicant needs to invest the specific percentage in order to get select.
  • Applicant must not participate in any illegal activity which is against the Canadian law.
  • Applicant must live in in the province and must actively manage the day to day operations of the qualifying business in the province
  • The applicant must be able to provide job applications for the Canadian residents
  • The applicant should do performance agreement which is usually necessary. And a proposal will be conditional on the applicant proving that the PNP requirements have been met.
Canada Province Nomination Program

It may have additional requirements such as:

  • Requiring an exploratory trip to the province
  • Maximum age limitations
  • Proof of language ability

Our Canada Immigration Consultants believe that the requirements of Canada Start-Up Visa must be carefully evaluated before applying for a PNP. Links to the various PNPs are available at this IRCC website page: Provincial Nominee Programs. Note that the requirements of any of these programs may change without notice.

Federal Entrepreneur program

While Canada’s provinces have Permanent Resident (PR) programs for entrepreneurs. However, the federal government at present does not have either an investor or an entrepreneur PR category. But still, business people may sometimes be eligible to apply for Canadian permanent resident status under a federal skilled worker category.

  • Applicants go under assessment for factors like age, work expiree, language ability and education level.
  • The regime of Express Entry Visa Canada is based on a points system. Prospects with higher points get the invitation to apply for the PR level.
  • Applicants must go through the requirements under Express Entry and must take and pass a mandatory English or French language test.
  • The applicant should have at least one-year full-time work experience in Canada because it will provide more points.
  • International candidates are required to gain sufficient points to be invited to apply for PR status under the Express Entry system.
  • When the candidates receive Federal Entrepreneur program approval, the investor along their family can then apply for their Canadian permanent visas by sufficing Canadian Investor Visa Requirements. Applicants must either create a new business or acquire at least 33.3% equity.
Canada Self-Employed Immigrant Visa

The Canada Self-Employed Immigrant Visa will be affected if the international business owner fails to show its relationship to the foreign company that has given the candidate corporate ownership structure. Therefore, it is also very important for PR approval. So before you start a business in Canada, it is important to talk to professional Canada Immigration Consultants. And comprehend essential information regarding the Canadian Investor Visa Requirements.

Canada Start-Up Visa Program:

Canada also has a Canada Start-up Visa program that may sometimes be used to obtain permanent resident status and a work permit while the permanent resident request is pending. However, Canada Self- Employed Immigrant Visa is useful but one disadvantage of this program is that it is very strict and has a difficult pathway. However, Express Entry Visa Canada program has very specific rules regarding the ownership and shareholding structure that a qualifying start-up visa business must have to be eligible. Canadian Investor Visa Requirements also include the necessity that the immigrant entrepreneur must obtain the support and sponsorship of a designated Canadian venture capital fund, investor or business proprietor.

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Everyone who all is applying for any of the programs should go through the instructions properly because if once rejected then it might create a problem or an issue applying for it again. This is a general overview of some of the permanent resident options for business people and entrepreneurs. Anyone who is considering entering Canada for business purposes, or making a permanent resident application, should obtain legal advice and follow the procedure so that their specific situation can be assessed and the options reviewed. So, without a day, complete a free online assessment at our website and one of our Canada Immigration Consultants will be right at your service!

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