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Canada Province Nomination Program: Best Canadian Provinces to Get the Easiest Migration

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Canada has always been the most sought-after place among immigration seekers. Its booming economy and refined culture offer promising opportunities to young skilled workers. Canada Province Nomination Program has made the migration process much easier for the foreign candidates. This program offers diverse financial, infrastructural, social, educational. Medical, professional and cultural privileges to job aspirants, young investors and entrepreneurs. 

Canada has more than 80 PNPs and each selects candidates for Canadian Permanent Residence Nomination by evaluating the professional aptitude of the applicants. Canada Province Nomination Program allocates each Canadian Province with unique immigration standards and needs. This policy is exclusively planned to bridge the gap between the labour force so that each PNP nominates skilled foreign candidates in its high-demand occupations.

Having a prior connection to the province further makes the migration process much easier and quicker for the foreign candidates. If you have previous job experience or completed your degrees or received a job offer from any of the Canadian provinces, the chances of PR selection get higher. But if you don’t have any prior connection to any of the PNPs, the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai will help you out to find your ideal province for effortless migration. Here are the top three Canadian provinces that are offering the easiest migration-

Alberta’s Express Entry Stream

The western province of Canada, Alberta is one of the most thriving metropolitans and the haven of Edmonton and Calgary. This Canadian province is exceptionally famous for its thriving market and outstanding education system. People who are looking for the easiest migration to Canada, this place must be under consideration. 

As per the rules of the Canada Province Nomination Program, Alberta does not have a specific job or occupation list. It suggests that professional hirelings and young aspirants from diverse backgrounds can opt for the Alberta nominee program. The candidates are selected for permanent residence through the federal Express Entry pool by the Alberta Express Entry stream. Further, Alberta also accepts candidates who have a CRS score of 300+ in the Express Entry pool. Again, the provincial nomination adds 600points more to the applicants current CRS score. If you want to improve your CRS score, contact Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai right away!

Saskatchewan’s International Skilled Worker

This Canadian region allows extra CRS score to candidates who have blood relations in Saskatchewan. This unique policy differs from other regions’ Canada Province Nomination Program. Furthermore, Saskatchewan’s NOC code list features more than 200 occupations. Hence, it broadens the scope of nomination for skilled workers from different fields of professions. 

However, applicants get invitation through the Express Entry System by this province. The PR eligibility criteria of this area require a candidate to have a minimum of one-year experience in the verified jobs of this province. Candidates having more than 10years of vocational experience have a higher chance to secure their position in the nomination through SINP system. On the other hand, one-year post-secondary educational credential and English or French proficiency are mandatory for the nomination. To improve your fluency score in this language, get help from the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai. 

However, Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker has dual streams. The first stream of Saskatchewan Express Entry mandates an active Express Entry profile to become eligible to apply. However, the second stream of Saskatchewan Occupations In-Demand does not require the candidates with an active Express Entry profile. Contact the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai, to get your Express Entry profile.

Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities Stream

One of the most popular Canadian PNPs, Ontario is a globally recognised IT sector. The Canada Province Nomination Program of this region offers the easiest migration opportunities for younger aspirants with vocational expertise in modern-day technology such as the Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This bustling IT sector has a significant quota for fresher candidates, especially from IT sectors. By connecting with Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai, your migration process will be much easier and hassle-free. 

Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities stream prioritizes skilled hirelings to fit the employment need in this province. The priorities of Human Capital corresponds to the system of federal express entry. To secure a position in the nomination list, you must have an active Express Entry profile. Also, make sure your CRS score is not less than 400 points. The Canada Province Nomination Program of Ontario inspects through all Express Entry profiles before sending the invitations to specific profiles for the permanent residence.

If you are a tech specialist and seeking easy migration to Ontario, make sure you have one year of experience in one of six specified NOC codes. From the commencement of this policy, Ontario has invited nearly 4350 applicants so far and it has executed three tech-specific draws in total. Again, if you are proficient in French, you will be extra privileged for the PNP stream Express Entry pool. To improve your French fluency, take help from the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai. 

Other Canadian Provinces That Offer Simple and Quick Immigration

Apart from these three main PNPs, here are some of the other well-recognized Canadian provinces that you can also consider for quick and easy migration- 

  • Quebec- The majority of citizens in this Canadian region speak French. Therefore, if you are fluent in French, there are fair chances to get an invitation for applying to the Canada Province Nomination Program of Quebec.
  • Prince Edward Island- Particularly, this province has an open occupation list. Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai suggest that candidates belonging to different professional fields must opt for the Prince Edward Island Province. The Canada Province Nomination Program of this place offers a hassle-free migration process to secure permanent residence. 
  • Nova Scotia- This beautiful Canadian province is the hub of several corporate firms, finance organizations and agencies which have a sound economic reputation. Candidates coming from commerce or finance backgrounds have greater chances to get nominated for the permanent residence in Nova Scotia through the Canada Province Nomination Program. The best Canadian immigration consultants believe that this place has offered a bright future for newcomers and this place is ideal for establishing a secure living with families. 
Choose the Right Canada Province Nomination Program with The Help of Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai

These afore-mentioned Canadian provinces are ideally known for offering hassle-free migration processes like visa approval and permanent residence. Canada Province Nomination Program of these provinces offers simple vocational eligibility criteria for migrants. The best Canadian immigration consultants advise aspirants to choose any of these provinces for accomplishing hassle-free PR. Also, these provinces have fast processing of visa applications.  However, the process of PR visa application can be difficult and complex to complete. A little mistake can cause a delay in migration along with additional problems. In these cases, opting for professional guidance from the Best Immigration Consultants in Dubai is the ideal option. The experts simplify the queries and help the candidates to get through PR visa without any hassle.

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