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Alberta reducing quarantine times with coronavirus testing pilot

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Are you considering moving to Alberta under Canada Province Nomination Program? Alberta is the western province of Canada. Its landscape consists of coniferous forests, mountain ranges, and over 600 lakes. However, as Alberta’s stunning location may be, moving to any new place comes with a unique set of growing pains. You may have a million questions in your mind about where to live in Alberta, how to get your driving license, the internet connection, etc.

Alberta’s province is one of Canada’s most famous destinations for immigrations moving to a new region. This province offers a high quality of life and ample job opportunities. Moreover, it also offers several destinations within the province. People mostly choose Edmonton and Calgary to live in.

Alberta Reducing Quarantine Times

Every year, thousands of people immigrate to Alberta under Canada Province Nomination Program. Alberta welcomes immigrants with open arms and offers numerous opportunities to the inhabitants.

Recently, Alberta has announced to reduce the quarantine times for incoming travelers. However, Alberts is the first province to do so. The province is offering coronavirus tests at specific airports and land border crossings.

Moreover, travelers will need to register for the pilot by submitting an application form. The travelers will need to submit the form five days before the arrival. However, travelers whose test comes back negative will not need to complete the full 14-day quarantine period. 

According to instructions provided on the Alberta webpage, all other returning international travelers will need to follow the mandatory quarantine period. However, people who have applied for the reduced quarantine pilot for arriving in Canada will still need to show a proper 14-day quarantine plan.

To this point, this program is only available for the international travelers arriving through Calgary International Airport and Coutts land border crossing. Moreover, the pilot will expand to other locations in the future. However, passengers arriving at other airports are not eligible at the moment.

According to CBC, the Edmonton Airport will join the pilot sooner in early 2021.

More Guidelines for Reduced Quarantine Times

Eligible travelers for the pilot include foreign nationals. Returning Canadians will get an exemption from travel restrictions. However, there are several scenarios where foreign nationals are exempt. It includes international travelers who are coming to Canada for an immediate visit or extended family members. However, these travelers will need to be coming to Canada for more than 15 days. Moreover, they will also need to demonstrate an essential reason to be in Canada for a shorter period.

International travelers who are exempt under another category can also be eligible for this pilot. However, international students joining a DLI with a coronavirus readiness plan also received an exemption to travel. The government announced an exemption for international students last month. However, work permit holders and some PR holders are also exempt.

However, Canada also opened its doors for foreign nationals who are coming to Canada for compassionate reasons. These reasons can be like to care for a sick loved one, to attend a funeral, or to be present in the final moments of life.

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Non-Eligible Travelers

Ineligible travelers for reduced quarantine can be those having COVID-19 symptoms. It can be those who have had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case during the last 14 days of arriving in Alberta. Those who are not having an acceptable quarantine plan will also be ineligible.

People who left any foreign country and transferred flights to another Canadian airport before arriving in Calgary are also not eligible for this pilot. However, travelers will need to come to an approved port for direct entry from abroad. Also, travelers will get ineligible if they leave Alberta for any other province in less than 14 days. However, they can be eligible if they are going to leave Canada from Alberta within 14 days.

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