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Solutions for Five Common Mistakes during Canadian Immigration


One of the most popular dream destinations, Canada has attracted a vast number of international migrants on account of its high standard of living. Whether you are from Dubai or from other developed countries in the middle-east region, Canada’s outstanding immigration policy has made his country one of the excellent destinations to start a better life. Canada Immigration Consultants in Dubai have helped a vast number of aspiring migrants to get nomination for the permanent residence in Canada.

To be honest, during this migration process, candidates often make some mistakes due to lack of knowledge. However, you can avoid these mistakes, if you consider taking help from the experts of our Legal Genuine Immigration agency in Dubai. Here are five common mistakes (along with solutions) that people usually make during the Canadian migration process-

Having Less than One-Year Vocational Exposure in Primary NOC Code

To fall under the skill level of A, B, and O, a candidate must show one year of vocational exposure in NOC code. If your express entry profile lacks this information, there will be an automatic rejection. As you have not equipped with a constant full-time experience (30 hours/week), or a code. This is one of the important standards of Canadian Migration Criteria.

Solution: Our Canada Immigration Consultants believe that the candidate must be well-aware of the fact that whatever is indicated as their primary NOC Code, must not influence the employment prospect in Canada. It is important to keep in mind that, indicating a primary NOC code authenticates your vocational exposure for the minimum duration of one year to ten-years. This full-time work experience is a determinant factor for Canadian Migration Approval. Once you receive your PR, you will be allowed to work in any industry as per your choice.

Not verifying the purpose of living outside Quebec

At present, if you are residing or working in Quebec but you wish to relocate after the completion of your migration application. You need to apply for the Quebec immigration program as well. Nevertheless, living in Quebec doesn’t restrain you from applying for federal immigration. Both Quebec and federal immigration applications bear the equivalent value for the program of Canadian permanent residence. Once you recognition as Canada’s permanent resident. Your right to live and choose occupation will get protection under regulations of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Solution: Contact with our Legal Genuine Immigration agency in Dubai and provide sufficient proof to the visa office to verify your current living and professional employment in Quebec. Once your immigration application gets the approval, you can rightfully relocate outside Quebec province. This validation can be excited through a copy that contains your sworn declaration. It is also highly advisable to mention your intention to reside outside Quebec.

Delaying in Submission

Our Canada Immigration Consultants advice that if you are already having a qualifying application, you must not delay in the submission. It should be done as soon as possible since the regulations of Provincial nominee programs keep altering frequently. Again, prompt submission is important since immigration categories keep closing and opening very quickly. Delay in submission may lose your chance to get featured in the Express Entry Pool and this will make you miss out on immigration chances.

Solution: There is one solution to this problem, submit your application ASAP!

Mistaking Employment Reference Letter for a General Occupation Document

Candidates often mistake Employment Reference Letter with a general document received from previous boss or supervisor. This document is very important as it shows your vocational skills, aptitudes, accomplishments and the assertive points that prefer your profile to be the ideal for next job selection. But this document can not help you during Canadian Immigration. You need a proper Employment Reference Letter that must demonstrate-

  • The official title of your destination
  • The commencement of your employment
  • The amount of your Salary
  • The average calculation of your weekly working hours
  • A detailed list of your job responsibilities

Solution: The experts of our Legal Genuine Immigration agency in Dubai suggest the submission of sufficient amount of documents to meet the aforementioned requirements. For instance, if your official reference letter does not contain important points like salaries or designated jobs of your employment, ask your supervisor or colleagues to give you a sworn declaration copy that shows the needful areas. At the discretion of the visa office, the conclusive decision of your employment documentation must be mentioned as this provides stronger support to your claims.


Misrepresentation is a grave immigration offence. This not only can cause rejection of your application, but your profile will also get a ban from applying for Canadian immigration for a couple of years.

Solution: Our Canada Immigration Consultants suggest our candidates to always be truthful and honest while filling up their immigration application. Your given details regarding the career history, health, illicit records and other essential factors must be genuine. Not all medical concerns, as well as illicit records, are considered during the approval process. In case you are not sure about what to mention and confused about the consequences. Consulting with professional attorneys of our Legal Genuine Immigration agency in Dubai can help you out significantly.

Wrapping up!

These are the common five migration mistakes that you resolve with our solutions. Mistakes during the migration process can be very overwhelming as well as frustrating. Although following our suggested solutions can help to get rid of these mistakes. It may cost your extra effort, resource and time. So it highly advised taking professional guidance before beginning with sensitive procedures of international migration. In this connection, Our Canada Immigration Consultants can help you in avoiding these pitfalls. With our genuine support, your immigration journey will be simplified and straightforward. Feel free to opt for our free assessment. Our executives will reach out to you with effective solutions shortly!

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