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Canada is resuming citizenship testing online


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Canada Resuming Citizenship Testing

Canada stopped citizenship testing due to COVID-19. However, people were continuously asking to resume the testing services. Hundreds of people were waiting to take the test. Canadian government takes care of the public and responds quickly.

Canadian government stopped testing in March, but after eight months, they have resumed the testing service. The candidates won’t need to wait any longer now. Canada is now making the test available online.

IRCC is working on launching a new platform for online testing. However, they will test the new platform for the next few months. During this time, IRCC will offer citizenship tests to people whose tests were canceled due to the pandemic. However, people who are on the waiting list will also get the opportunity to take the online test.

Moreover, IRCC is currently testing the platform, and if the platform works reliably, it will invite more people. After successful testing of the platform, new applicants will get a chance to take tests online. However, they are also planning to invite more people to test in the coming year.

Proof of Identity

Before taking the test online, candidates will have to prove their identity through personal information. However, they will need to take a photo of themselves and their ID documents with a webcam before taking the test.

IRCC will provide 21 days for the applicants to complete their tests. However, they can take the test on any convenient day during these 21 days.

During the test, the system will take photos of candidates to monitor testing. However, other online tests are also using the same process during the pandemic to monitor the candidates. Bar exams and law school admission tests used the same process to monitor candidates.

According to a media release, IRCC was already working on advancing the citizenship program before the pandemic. However, online testing was also a part of this initiative by IRCC.        

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Format of Test

The format of the online citizenship test will be similar to in-person tests. However, participants will have to answer a total of 20 questions in their tests. The system will allocate 30 minutes for every candidate to solve the test.

IRCC also said that there is no need for people to reach out to the department. The IRCC will notify the invited candidates or their representatives through email.

However, there is another option to wait for the in-person test, but no date is announced for resuming that process.

85,000+ People are Waiting for Citizenship Test

According to the data provided by IRCC, there were about 85,000 people who were waiting for the citizenship test. This data was collected on September 7.

Advocates for Resumption of Canadian Citizenship Tests was the group who took the initiative to resume the citizenship test. They held a demonstration in Montreal and Toronto in early November. The group asked for resuming the citizenship tests due to the backlog that occurred during COVID-19.

The participants of this group moved to Canada under several programs like Canada Family Visa, Canada Start-Up Visa, Express Entry Visa Canada, Canadian Student Visa, Canada Refugee Program, and many other streams. These are the candidates living in Canada for more than 10 years and waiting to become Canada’s citizenship.

According to the citizenship Act, all applicants of citizenship between ages 18 to 54 should demonstrate their knowledge about Canada to become citizens. This process was done by interview before 1994. However, applicants above age 55 still need to give an interview to get Canadian citizenship.

Getting Canadian Citizenship provides many rights to people and a sense of security and belonging as well.

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