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Important Updates for Australian Partner Visa

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Australian Partner Visa enables de facto or married (same or opposite sex) couples to move and live in Australia with their partner. You can invite your partner to Australia if you are in a committed and genuine relationship with a non-Australian. There are several options for you if you are an Australian Citizen, Australian PR holder, or an eligible New Zealand Citizen. Invite your de facto or spouse under the partner visa program.

You are eligible for a partner visa for Australia if you are engaged, married, or in a de facto relationship with

What is the Australian Partner Visa?

This visa program helps applicants to get sponsorship by their Australian or New Zealand partners or spouses. Upon approval, the applicant will temporarily live in Australia as they seek a permanent partner visa.

Benefits of Australian Partner Visa

This visa can be helpful to invite your spouse, fiancé, or a long-term domestic partner (de facto partner) to stay in Australia with you.

However, apart from living with loved ones, all types of partner visa holders can work freely in Australia. Moreover, their dependents will have full rights to study and work in Australia. However, partner visas and benefits associated with them can be canceled once the relationship breaks down.

Important Updates

There are some critical changes in partner visa for the 2020-21 Migration Program year. However, the good news is that there will be an increase of 81% in allocations of partner visas. There will be 72,300 places available for visa allocations.

It will surely bring relief to several people who are looking to get approval for a partner visa. Previously, partner visas were the ones for which you don’t need to be proficient in English. However, from the coming year, the English language requirement is essential for a partner visa.

This new change is clear in the new Australian Immigration Policy.

“From late 2021, applicants for a new partner visa and permanent resident sponsors will need to have functional-level English or to show that they have made reasonable efforts for learning English.”

Functional English Proficiency

In order to prove functional English proficiency, candidates will need to provide evidence of study in English. However, candidates will need to have a score for an English test or have an individual passport. Moreover, this policy is applicable for the permanent partner visa, not for the provisional partner visas.

In case both applicant and the sponsor fail to prove functional English ability, they will need to show their need by showing that they made possible and reasonable efforts to learn English.

The reasonable efforts of learning English can be proved after completing the 500 hours of free English classes. Candidates can take classes through the Adult Migration English Program available for provisional partner visa holders.

Moreover, the increase in the number of allocations for Australian Partner Visa has brought hope to many applicants. However, the applicant and sponsor’s functional English language requirements have made the process hard for some people.

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